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Shortly after giving birth, Victoria wanted to try a detox tea to help her get back in shape but couldn’t find one that was safe for her baby. She was very happy when she found ThinTea!



All-natural Ingredients and Doctor Approved

Getting back in shape after having a baby can be challenging for many women. Victoria wanted to find a healthy and safe way to help kickstart this journey and she discovered ThinTea!

“I personally went online to check every single ingredient and I actually got it checked by my doctor who also said it was ok to go ahead and use. It says here that all ThinTea blends are a hundred percent natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free, preservative and additive free, no laxatives here either. Which is a BIG thing just because the caffeine and the laxative I can’t have while I’m breastfeeding because it’s going to affect my daughter, of course.”


Added Bonus: Helps with Lactation

“When I looked [the ingredients] up, half of them says it helps with aiding in lactation, if you have problems with it or just in general. There was one night that I pumped four times… and I’ve never pumped that much before ever. I’m amazed how well this is working for my breastfeeding.”


The Results after 14 Days

“You see results within like the first 14 days.” Showing her belly alongside photos of her before she drank ThinTea, she adds, “Hopefully you can see that this has been working for the past two weeks.”



After 28 days

Victoria also shared her experience after she finished the full 28 day detox.

I feel so much more confident—my stomach is just not like hanging out and it’s not all that baby post-pregnancy weight. Like people think that I’m a 16 year old still. When you say you have a daughter people would immediately look at your stomach. Like someone today at my job said, ‘You don’t look like you had a kid!’ And I’m like, ‘Thank you!’ I’m gonna keep using it.”


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  1. Sleep influences your appetite controlling hormones.
Sleep directly affects two important hormones: gherlin and leptin.
Lack of sleep triggers the brains to produce more gherlin. Why is this bad news? Gherlin is the hormone that signals the body that it is time to eat. With too much gherlin, the body gets confused and feels hungry even if it doesn’t really need to eat. Uh-oh.
Another hormone affected by sleep deprivation is leptin. Without sufficient sleep, the brain produces less of this hormone. What’s the big deal about leptin? It’s the hormone in charge of telling our brains that we are full. With insufficient leptin, we can go to town with our fork before we realize we have had too much. Yikes!


  1. Lack of sleep slows down your metabolism.
Perhaps you have iron-clad discipline and steel determination that can completely ignore hunger pangs. However, researchers found that despite maintaining the same amount of calories, people who lack sleep drop their ability to lose weight from fat by 55%. This is because the body’s ability to process insulin take a plunge when you lack sleep by about 30%. Insulin is the hormone that converts sugar and starches to energy and when the body becomes less sensitive to insulin, it will end up storing these as fat.


  1. Lack of sleep triggers stress hormones.
When the body feels threatened, it produces cortisol- a stress hormone that signals the body to conserve energy in case it will be needed to either fight or take flight. And by conserve energy we mean the body will hang on to those fats-- especially around the midsection. Unfortunately, our bodies read sleep deprivation as ‘there must be danger coming’ and produce a double dose of cortisol for good measure.
  1. Lack of sleep keeps you from making wise decisions. 

Lack of sleep makes us feel sluggish and we lose clarity of mind. It’s easier to make unwise decisions- like ordering a big dessert or skipping gym, in this state of mind.


  1. You burn more calories in deep sleep than when awake, but inactive. 
Lose weight while sleeping?!
One study actually found that people burn three times more calories during an 8-hour sleep than during 8 hours of just lying awake. This is because the brain is highly active during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage, sometimes more active than when we are awake. Also, our bodies internal temperature tends to spike during this sleep stage, so our bodies work hard to produce heat. The key of course, is to have good, quality, REM level of sleep.
So how do we make sure we have the best kind of sleep to keep our bodies in top shape? Here are a few tips:
  1. Make time for sleep. The recommended number of hours for adults 18-65 years old is 7-9 hours.
  2. Shut off all devices that can distract you or wake you up in the middle of the night.
  3. Avoid heavy meals and alcohol 5 to 6 hours before bedtime. These can cause heartburn, which can disrupt your sleep. Steer clear from caffeinated drinks before bed as well, that may keep you awake. Try our detox and fat burn blend teas to help you suppress that late-night appetite.
  4. Turn off the lights. Darkness cues the body to release the natural sleep hormone melatonin.
  5. Drink non-caffeinated, calming tea before bed. Try our organic all-natural Sleepy Slumber tea for the best quality of sleep every night.




“Word of advice, do NOT use this tea if you do NOT want to lose body fat!”


The Detox Effect: Extra Energy and No Bloating

When your body is in it’s best condition, it is able to produce sufficient energy without relying on caffeine and Jacqueline immediately noticed this difference. “What I noticed is with the tea in the morning, I had energy. It gave me a lot of energy. And I noticed that if I drink the tea, I didn’t have to drink coffee.” And of course, unlike other detox blends, Jacqueline loved the fact that “It doesn’t make you like, sit on the toilet all day. It’s not like, laxative.”


And a special treat for the ladies--
“With that time of the month, with PMS, I get bloated really badly, but with this tea, I did not get bloated at all.”


Shocking Results


“Word of advice, do NOT use this tea if you do NOT want to lose body fat! It’s a 28 day detox but even at the first week I noticed that I was just DROPPING weight. My stomach just became so flat. I was like ’OH MY GOSH what’s going on?! The weight just falls off. I started getting compliments from my friends, they were like ‘oh my gosh, what are you doing? People started noticing like…’What’s your workout?’ I was like ‘No! It’s not even from that, it’s from this tea!’”


The ThinTea Difference

ThinTea is not a laxative or a quick fix but a healthy addition to your lifestyle that will benefit your whole body. For Jacqueline, she saw results that she has not achieved by just doing her usual routine. “I do eat healthy, and I do workout, but I’ve always done that! Because I was already eating properly and working out BEFORE drinking the tea, I’m telling you, with adding the tea to my regimen, I noticed a HUGE difference.”


ThinTea with the Squad

“I had four of my friends who actually went out and ordered it because I posted a picture on Instagram after two weeks, coz my abs were like sooo defined and I was like ‘Holy cow! Only halfway through!’ It’s a great detox, it’s a great tea; my friends have said the same thing.”


The Best Part: The Weight Stays OFF!

“I did this review very late, and I noticed that the weight that I lost? It STAYED OFF. I lost probably like 10 pounds.”


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Let’s be honest, belly fat doesn’t sound appealing however you put it. But did you know that this type of fat poses more danger beyond ruining your figure? Studies show that unlike subcutaneous fat, which is the kind that is directly under our skin, belly fat (or visceral fat) actually surrounds our vital organs and can cause serious health complications. Here are a few facts about belly fat that you need to know.

Genetics Can Be Cruel
According to experts, there are five known genes that can be passed on to make you naturally susceptible to fat around your stomach. Yes, that explains why some women can eat as much as they want and keep a flat tummy while some gain 2 inches on their waist just by smelling donuts. Now don’t just wallow on the couch with a carton of ice cream because of your genetic misfortune. Studies show that bottom line, despite genetic predisposition, body fat percentage can be managed successfully with proper lifestyle.

Check the Quality of your Calorie Sources
Struggling with belly fat despite counting your calories and macronutrients? Check your fridge and pantry again. Some food you eat may be filled with chemicals or hidden sugars that may actually alter the way your body stores fat. As a good rule of thumb, avoid packaged or canned food. Make sure to nourish your body with whole, non-processed food like fresh organic vegetables and fruits, and free-range, grass-fed meat.

Build Muscles
Studies have shown that muscles at rest burn more than twice as much as the same amount of fat tissues. That’s right. The more muscles you build, the quicker your body burns fat, even if you are not actively exerting energy.

Up Your Protein Intake and Avoid Sugar
It has been discovered that women who get 30% of their required daily calories from protein lose belly fat 100% quicker than women who follow a low-protein diet. Also, protein causes the body to release of a particular hormone that decreases appetite and makes you feel full for longer. Make sure to include a significant amount of good protein in your diet like lean meat, fish, soy, yoghurt, eggs, and nuts. Now, which should you bump off your caloric allowance in favor of protein? Sugar. Observational studies have linked high sugar intake to abdominal fat. Visceral fat also decreases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and insulin resistance can later on result to type 2 diabetes.

Control Your Stress Levels
Stress triggers the body to release a hormone called ‘cortisol’, which triggers the body to go into a conservation mode by eating more (increase in appetite) and storing fat in the middle area. This is the body’s way to conserve energy when it feels that danger is imminent. In prehistoric times, this hormone had helped our ancestors stay alert to avoid dangers and keep them from starving to death. Unfortunately, our brains cannot tell the difference between a lion that’s about to attack from a difficult boss. The solution? Make sure to give your mind a good rest. Sleep for 7-8 hours a day and include stress-relieving activities in your lifestyle. Meditation, yoga, or picking up a hobby are great ways to keep life’s stresses under control.

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Youtube beauty blogger, Josette was stuck at a weight for the longest time. Josette and her mom started their ThinTea journey together and both of them are very happy with their results!


Is your weight goal so near yet so far? 

In our weight loss journey, we sometimes hit a point called a "plateau" where everything we used to do to shed those pounds seems to have stopped working. Usually, it’s those last few pounds away from your goal that are the hardest to lose.

Josette shares her experience, "I was kind of stuck at a weight, and soon as I took the tea (ThinTea), it just immediately boosted me forward." Josette’s mom also describes her own experience. Although she works out at least three times a week for 30-45 minutes, her weight didn’t budge despite all the effort. "I was at 130 like for the longest time and now I am down to 128!"



Fat Loss vs Water Weight

Josette continues,

“For me I lost 2 ½ lbs and that was with me being slightly lazy. And that was really crucial to me because it flattened my stomach a lot. And it was just that 2 ½ lbs that was not moving, not budging until I started drinking the tea.”

Her mom adds,
“And 2 ½ lbs of fat is A LOT of weight. And it’s not water weight! It’s fat, because you can go by how your clothes fit.”

Feeling Better After One Week

Josette shares,

“I noticed like about after a week of taking the tea, I didn’t notice bloating anymore- like completely erased, so that was much more comfortable.”

Her mom also shares how ThinTea eased the bloating she started suffering from as she reached a certain age. “Being 50, over 50 actually, I find that I was experiencing a lot of bloating. After starting the tea, honestly, it’s gone. I don’t complain about it anymore. My stomach just feels great!”

Another benefit they enjoyed is how ThinTea controlled their appetite. “It says it suppresses your appetite and it does. It doesn’t mean that it forces you to starve yourself, but it forces you to not over eat, which is what would naturally cause you to lose weight anyway.” Her mom adds, “At a certain point I was like full and I still had food left in my plate. So I like that about it actually.”

Before and After

And of course, there’s no better way to measure your progress than seeing with your own eyes. Josette shares her before and after pictures, showing off her much leaner physique after her ThinTea journey.



Start your ThinTea journey NOW with our 14 day or 28 day program.

Sure, water is not a magic potion that will transform you overnight (how amazing would that have been, though?!), but most of us overlook the importance of drinking sufficient water everyday in our weight loss journey.

1. Water is the most natural appetite suppressant.
Of course, the most obvious benefit of drinking water is it literally helps you feel full. But did you know that our bodies could sometimes confuse thirst for hunger? Symptoms like low energy levels, light-headedness, and rumbling tummies can also just mean that you are thirsty. So the next time you feel those hunger pangs, try drinking 16 ounces of water half an hour before you grab a snack so you will not end up eating more than you actually need to.

2. Water makes exercise more effective.
When your body is dehydrated, your performance takes a plunge and your body’s ability to burn fat decreases. It is a fact that your body will not send signals of it being parched until you lose 2% of your body weight’s worth of water. Unfortunately, studies show that when your body reaches this point, it is no longer in the best condition to burn fat. So, to maximize your workouts, make sure to hydrate even before you feel thirsty. Experts suggest that you drink about 16 ounces of water before your workout and 8 ounces after every 30 minutes during the activity.

    3. Water boosts your metabolism.
    With or without exercise, drinking water helps us burn more calories throughout the day. Through a process called “diet-induced thermogenesis,” our bodies are programmed to get the motor running whenever we intake anything, regardless if it’s a glass of zero-calorie water or a 500-calorie chocolate bar. Studies show that drinking 16 ounces of water can temporarily cause one’s resting energy expenditure to spike by about 30%. That means you burn a few more calories than you usually do, even if you are just sitting down.

    4. Water boosts your energy.
    Nearly 70 percent of the human body is made up of water. It powers your cells and muscles, and keeps your brain supplied with sufficient amount oxygen. For this reason, staying hydrated is very important to keep your physical and mental vitality on point. When your have high energy levels, you are more likely to move, be active, and exercise.

    5. Water keeps you from bloating.
    Bloating and water retention can add to that unwanted weight and inches. It may sound counter-intuitive but your body will end up retaining more water when it feels like it is being deprived of some good ol’ H2O. Retaining water is your body’s way of making sure it will have enough fluids to reuse to keep your organs working. Keep yourself hydrated at all times so your body will never feel like it should store water in puff pockets around your face and belly.

    6. Water will help break your sugar addiction.
    Sugary drinks are probably the biggest saboteurs of most weight loss attempts. They have empty calories that do not nourish the body and just add up us as unwanted stored fat. It may be a struggle at first, but if you keep switching your sweet drinks with water, you will be breaking the habit in no time and your body will thank you for it!

    Ameera, a beauty vlogger, had suffered for years from stomach issues that even doctors couldn’t diagnose. When she heard about ThinTea, she thought it was worth a shot and she definitely did not regret her decision!

    (credit: @ameeranassir)


    Why She Recommends ThinTea

    Since ThinTea blends are all-natural, vegan-friendly; gluten, dairy, preservative, additive, caffeine, and laxative-free, Ameera stresses “there is no risk in using these teas or drinking them.”


    Her Experience: No More Tummy issues!


    “I had serious stomach issues. I didn’t know what the problem was. My doctors didn’t know what the problem was. They took my blood and they still couldn’t tell me what the problem was! Every meal that I ate, I would either throw it back up or it will give me a really really really bad stomach ache.”


    And finally, she found the solution to her mysterious condition.


    “My stomach issues went away after I started drinking these teas and it was easier for everything to digest. It just made me feel so much better. And that was because of the [ThinTea] Detox Blend. That’s what cleaned up my system and got my stomach working in natural order again!”


    Cherry on Top: Bye-bye Buddha Belly!

    To her delight, better digestion wasn’t the only benefit that Ameera experienced. While waving the pink and white packet of ThinTea Fat Burn blend in the air, she shares, “This is what you want to get a flat belly.” To show what she means, she proceeds to sharing some photos.


    “This is what my stomach looked like before I tried these teas. It’s a little bit… it’s a little lumpy.” 

    “And here is 28 days after. My stomach is relatively flatter.“



    “So now I have curves again and it’s awesome. I don’t have just like a Buddha belly… just sitting there… waiting to be fed. My clothes fit better and I’m so much happier now because this stuff actually does work.”


    Click here to check out the products Ameera used.

    Youtube personality, Deja Lovely used to be scared and skeptical of detox teas because most weight loss teas in the market are just laxatives. Learning that ThinTea is not like other detox brands, she gave it a shot and saw amazing results!

    (credit: @dejalovely)

    With the help of ThinTea, Deja lost 10 pounds in 14 days and was really happy with the outcome! 


    Unlike Other Weight Loss Products: Real Fat Loss, Gentle All-Natural Blends

    Deja chose ThinTea over other detox brands, and she explains, “The reason why I felt comfortable using ThinTea is because it has no laxatives. A lot of weight loss teas out there, they’re just mild laxatives. To me [using laxatives] is a waste of money and is also kinda misleading.” For her, to see real results, you must look at the “whole picture”—literally. “Don’t just focus on their stomachs. It’s probably just because they lost a lot of junk in their stomach and water weight. And they look great, but that’s not really fat loss,” she says.

     She also loves how ThinTea kept her cravings at bay.

    “I definitely noticed that ThinTea helped me control my cravings and also suppress my appetite. And I like that it wasn’t extreme, because I have used weight loss products in the past and I felt like I can go for like… four days without eating. That’s very extreme and it makes me wonder like, what’s in this, you know? But anyhow, ThinTea-- all-natural, no worries. I wasn’t counting calories or thinking ‘oh I only have to eat fruits and vegetables’—I just naturally just started to eat less but not to the point that I felt weak.”


    A Natural Boost to Kick Start the Healthy Lifestyle

    “The goal of ThinTea is to overall get you in balance and make you healthier, so that it is easier for you to lose weight.”

    During the two-week period that she has been drinking ThinTea, Deja reports, “I always woke up feeling refreshed instead of super tired. I always felt like I had energy although I was reducing my calories."

    Deja’s results after a few weeks of using ThinTea


    Not Your Usual Tea

    “I know some people are gonna say that ‘well, of course [any type of] tea is gonna do that to you’ but the thing is, I already drink 3-6 cups of tea a day, so I already know that the benefits that I was feeling were not because I was drinking tea, but because I was drinking ThinTea!”


    The Real Gauge: When Others Start to Notice


    “I lost 10 pounds during my first two weeks of using Thintea so that was awesome. At first I was a little concerned because I saw the numbers go down on the scale but not visually. But, my friends had already told me like, ‘wow, you look slimmer, your jawline is more apparent’ and that was without me asking them, so that’s how you know it’s real! And then when I thought about it and started looking at pictures of myself, I was like, ‘Ok! I see it!”




    Alkalising & Detox Blend

    July 08, 2015


    The concept of “drinking yourself thin” is not just wishful thinking when you enlist the help of ThinTea, a line of teas that contain a special blend of natural ingredients hand-picked for their weight loss benefits. Our Alkalising & Detox Blend helps to eliminate harmful toxins from your system whilst alkalising your body to enhance nutrient absorption.


    You probably want to know exactly what you’re putting into your body, so let’s take a look at what’s in the tea. In this blend, you’ll find six natural, organic ingredients that meet our exacting standards and don’t cause any negative side effects. You’ll find ingredients you can pronounce because they grow in gardens, not in a lab. What you won’t find in our tea is laxatives, chemicals, or ingredients that will put your health at risk. Here are six things you’ll find working their magic in our tea:


    Organic Fennel Seed


    In India, people have been chewing fennel seeds at the end of their meals to aid digestion for generations, and it is a key ingredient in the traditional ayurvedic fat-burning tea. It’s known for relieving gas and cramping and reducing the levels of acid in your stomach and intestines. It can also help cut down on water retention whilst boosting your metabolism – a win-win situation for anyone trying to lose weight!


    Organic Nettle Leaf


    Nettle has long been considered one of the safest of the herbs that cleanse the system. It helps your kidneys to release metabolic waste, which is why it has long been used as a traditional treatment for obesity and diabetes. It’s also a natural appetite suppressant, which helps you keep cravings at bay.


    Marshmallow Leaf


    The aromatic marshmallow plant is hailed for its ability to reduce inflammation all around, particularly inflammation in the digestive tract. Consuming marshmallow leaf gives you a feeling of fullness, which is a sure-fire way to keep you from reaching for a bag of crisps.


    Organic Juniper Berry


    A juniper berry might not be quite as sweet as a blueberry, but juniper berries can give blueberries a run for their money when it comes to health benefits. Organic juniper berry is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory herb that can flush uric acid and toxins from the body, making it an excellent overall purifier. It also serves as a diuretic that helps speed up the important work of your kidneys. It also aids digestion, helping to keep unpleasantries such as bloating and heartburn to a minimum.


    Organic Dandelion Root


    Dandelion can help kick-start your weight loss by stimulating gastric secretions, which helps your body break down fat. It’s just the thing to soothe an upset stomach and relieve constipation. Its liver-detoxifying and diuretic effects have been backed by scientific studies. This herb is a dandy choice for anyone who wants to de-bloat and detox.


    Organic Rose Petal


    Men often turn to roses when trying to romance a woman, but this is more than just a pretty flower to look at. Did you know that organic rose petal is a popular ingredient in home weight loss remedies? It has long been touted for its ability to boost digestion and promote a healthy gut. It’s also a quick way to banish hunger pangs and keep your skin looking healthy. On top of that, it can help you calm down when stressed and even strengthens the immune system. When it comes to looking and feeling good, roses can’t be beat!


    Now that you know everything that goes into our Alkalising & Detox Blend, it’s easy to understand why so many people are raving about its tremendous benefits. When you treat your body well - with organic, natural herbs that are free of laxatives - your body will treat you well in return. Get ready to sip your way to a healthier you.

    Fat Burn Blend

    July 08, 2015

    Many people are familiar with the idea of using tea for weight loss, but with so many varieties on the market touting various weight loss properties, it’s hard to know where to begin. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, but there is one thing that everyone seems to agree on: tea really can make a difference when it comes to your body.


    ThinTea makes it easy for you to cut through all the internet static and get straight to the heart of the matter: losing weight. Our experts have done all the research and have carefully chosen seven key ingredients to make up our famous Fat Burn Blend. We should also mention something equally important: what isn’t in our tea. Unlike a lot of teas marketed toward dieters on the market, we don’t include laxatives or other harmful substances. Our ingredients are natural and organic and don’t have any negative side effects.


    What makes our tea so effective at helping you lose weight? Have a look!


    Organic Peppermint


    You already know that peppermint is refreshing and tasty, but did you know that it also promotes digestion? It relaxes the muscles in your digestive tract and helps the flow of bile so that your body can digest fats more easily and quickly. In addition, peppermint actually helps ward off those food cravings that can send you down a dangerous path toward overeating. With stress relief and skin clearing properties, peppermint is an all-star ingredient that helps our tea pack a big punch.


    Olive Leaf


    Olive leaf’s anti-inflammatory properties are believed to be behind its potential to combat obesity given the fact that inflammation plays a big role in fat storage. A study at the University of Southern Queensland found that olive leaf reduced the stores of fat in rats. In addition to having twice the antioxidants of green tea, this magical leaf can boost the immune system, which means those pesky colds won’t keep you from exercising!


    Dandelion Leaf


    The dandelion leaf is a staple in herbal remedies for good reason: it’s full of beneficial compounds, vitamins, and minerals. It helps with the digestion of fats and has positive effects on your liver and gall bladder. It can also be used to flush out extra water weight. In addition, it reduces the acidity of the blood and cleanses the liver, leaving your body in prime condition to start burning more fat and slimming down!


    Hawthorn Leaf & Flower


    The leaf and flower of this Mediterranean shrub is a useful weapon in the weight loss battle. If you weren’t lucky enough to be born with a quick metabolism, hawthorn can speed things up. It helps push excess sodium out of your body, causing water retention to virtually disappear. It’s also known for its heart-protecting antioxidants.


    Coleus Root


    Part of the mint family, coleus root contains a compound called forskolin that has been making waves recently for its ability to break down adipose tissue and prevent fatty tissue from being produced by the body. This Himalayan herb has a long history of promoting health; it’s even mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts as a way to boost heart and lung health!


    Organic Cinnamon


    The science behind cinnamon’s effects on the body is solid; it has been proven to help keep your body’s insulin levels regular, preventing the build-up of excess fat that can be caused by insulin spikes. It actually reduces the glycemic index of foods. Moreover, cinnamon takes extra energy to metabolise, helping you burn more calories and lose weight. It also helps suppress your appetite and burn abdominal fat… who couldn’t use a little help in that regard?


    Ginger Root


    If you thought Asian cuisines included ginger in their dishes because it’s so delicious, you’re only half right: the truth is that its ability to soothe digestive problems and rev up your metabolism have been known for centuries. Consuming ginger makes you feel fuller, which makes you less likely to eat more later. It stimulates digestive secretions and helps food move through your gastrointestinal tract. It also suppresses cortisol, a stress hormone that has been linked to weight gain and excess belly fat.


    As you can see, the ingredients in our tea have a proven track record of boosting metabolism and helping your body burn fat. With so many effective ingredients, it’s easy to see why our Fat Burn Blend is getting people such desirable results!