11 Pounds in 28 days with Glowing Skin to Boot!

July 23, 2019

11 Pounds in 28 days with Glowing Skin to Boot!

Kirby, straight off the bat, expresses her satisfaction about her 28-day ThinTea results but she adds,

They could obviously be a lot better but I slacked with my diet and exercise.”

From 199.6 down to 188—that was a good 11 lbs lost in 28 days. That’s not bad at all, that’s pretty damn good. Overall using the tea is a success.

You get a detox blend and you get a fat burn blend. This one you take before breakfast, I like to take the detox blend on an empty stomach and wait about ten minutes before I ate something just because that’s what I’m used to doing. Then I had a very light breakfast. With the fat burn blend, it says to drink it before dinner.

I slacked on my diet a bit, even on my exercise but I tried to keep it as clean and as normal as possible.

Side effects?
All ThinTea blends are 100% natural, gluten, dairy, caffeine,, preservative an additive free. No harmful laxatives here either. And THAT. IS. THE. TRUTH. I did not… poop  excessively when I was drinking this tea.

And isn’t that good news!

There’s a positive side effect though While I was taking this tea, my skin was soft and flawless!

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