3 Ways to Shift Your Mindset for Better Weight Loss

February 27, 2020

3 Ways to Shift Your Mindset for Better Weight Loss

While it’s true that you can’t just think or will your way to weight loss, correcting your mindset is already half the battle. Here are 5 tips to help you with your weightloss goals!

  1. Change Your Goals

Although ultimately, losing weight is what you want to achieve, make sure to set short-term, achievable goals that will make you feel like a winner. For example, you can set daily goals like:

  1. Eat 3-4 servings of vegetables 
  2. Sleep for 8 hours
  3. Did you walk/jog for 30 minutes

Aim for healthy, achievable goals that will eventually lead to your ultimate goal.


  1. Reconsider your Idea of Rewards and Punishments

Making healthy choices is actually practicing self-care. Unhealthy food is not your ‘reward,’ good food is a way of taking care of your body and your body deserves to be nourished. Exercise is NOT a punishment. It’s a celebration of what your body can do, and a way to care for your body. Your body deserves this as well.


  1. Identify the Thoughts that Set You Up for Failure

Be self-aware of your self-talk. Do you think “I’m hopeless” whenever you look in the mirror? Or do you think, “I deserve this” when you feel stressed and crave for sweets? Catch yourself immediately. Take a breath, take control of your thoughts, and talk positively to yourself until the cravings subside.


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