5 Easy Steps that Will Help You Lose Weight and Keep it off!

May 10, 2021

5 Easy Steps that Will Help You Lose Weight and Keep it off!

You don’t gain all the excess weight overnight—we’re pretty sure we all know that. It’s the small things that add up, day by day. One morning, you decide to wear your favourite skinny jeans that you haven’t put on in a while and boom! You just can’t zip it up. Similarly, you cannot expect to lose all the unwanted fat in a blink of an eye. For a successful and sustainable weight loss, you also need to introduce small, good habits and slowly but surely, you will see amazing results.

Here are small, doable steps that you can do regularly to take control of your body.


  • 1. Fiber it Up


Make small switches and opt for the high-fiber variety of food items. For example, instead of snacking on candies or chips, go for low-fat popcorn.
One recent study showed that women who have doubled their fiber intake from 12 to 24 grams per day actually absorbed 90 calories less in a day. When those calories add up, you will actually lose 10 lbs in a year!


  • 2. Crunchy is the Key

    Fill your plate with crunchy vegetables and whole grains. Since these take more effort to chew, you give your brain time to realize that you are already full, so you will not over eat. An added bonus is these types of food are harder to digest, causing your body to burn more than it usually would during digestion. That’s easily a 5% increase on your daily caloric burn!


  • 3. Reach for the good ol’ H2O

    Research shows that the average American consumes 245 calories a day from soft drinks alone. Doesn’t sound much? That adds up to 25 pounds in a year! Water is amazing, it’s cheap, it has zero calories, and our bodies need lots of it to keep our body working smoothly.


  • 4. Sneaky Workouts

    So, you do not have two hours straight to go to the gym. But for sure, you can skip that snooze button so you can take the stairs instead of the lift at work. Park a bit farther than usual for that extra walk, while you’re at it. Resist the urge to text/email/message someone who is in the same building as you. Get up and walk up to them. Make a conscious decision to take the less convenient option, if it means it will add to those steps on your Fitbit.


  • 5. Play Hard
  • What activities do you love? Are you a dancer? Why not take a dance class with your bestie or switch Netflix night with bae to a night of dancing (more dancing less drinking, though!). Nature lover? Take your pooch on an easy hike on weekends.
    It’s easier to be consistent with a physical activity when you are having fun. Sure, it may not burn as much as you would at the gym but if you stick to this longer than a strict workout regime, then you end up losing more weight in the long run compared to a short attempt to be a gym buff. Sustainability is the key.

    As Stephen Covey said in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “We become what we repeatedly do.”


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