6 Health Trends to Watch out for in 2018

January 18, 2018

6 Health Trends to Watch out for in 2018

The year 2017 sure was packed with health and wellness trends. Some worked and some made experts shake their science-filled heads. Social media was filled with acai bowls fabulously presented on a nice sunny beach. Avocados replaced oxygen for a few individuals. Bacon went back into vogue with the rise of the admittedly refreshing ketogenic diet. Simple carbs remained that kid who ate paste, and was left out for the most part. And let’s not get started with the million and one workout programs that flourished in the year.

Moving on to 2018, we foresee the next big things as far as health and fitness are concerned. Read on and take your pick on these up-and-comers that are anticipated to be hottest things in food and fitness this year.

  1. New Superfoods

We’re not saying that avocado and poke have had their run. But they should scooch over to make space for jackfruit, cassava root, and monk fruit. The latter two are mostly getting more known as healthier substitutes for wheat flour and sugar respectively.


  1. Getting the Zs

Sleep plays a massive role in maintaining optimum health and general sanity. This year sees the rise of more sleep-oriented products like specialised mattresses that track and respond to position changes while asleep. Fabrics for sleepwear, beddings, and the like aren’t spared as well. Temperature-regulating textile is getting a good dose of the spotlight. And have you heard of Napercise Classes? We will all sleep well this 2018.


  1. Cracking on Culture

Probiotics-heavy diets are nothing new. Yogurt has always been a staple. Kimchi and sauerkraut made waves in 2017. But these live healthful goodies are turning up in less likely places like cookies and chips. We expect this trend to take off given there’s really no downside in populating our insides with the helpful little critters.


  1. Comfy Workwear

Wearing sweatpants outside of the gym or a running session took off years ago and it still going strong. But fashion brands are taking things to the next soft and comfortable level. Breathable and arguably more sensible fabrics are making their way in the form of work attire. This will the year of actually working comfortably.


  1. Critter Cuisine

Eating insects, or entomophagy, has started to make its way into popular culture in the past years. But it was more of a novelty rather than a practical application. Insects are high in protein, low in fat, sustainable, and could be really tasting if prepared right so it won’t be too big a surprise if Insect-based diets, restaurants and such start popping up.


  1. Eat to Sleep

This is our second entry relating to sleep. It shouldn’t be surprising since reports show a high percentage of people suffer from some kind of insomnia. We expect sleep-inducing treats like cherries, whole-grain products, milk, and certain kinds of nuts to take have their moment this year. 2018 is starting to sound really cozy.

These are but a few of what’s expected to kick off in 2018 in the realm of health and wellness. What’s timeless though is cleansing. Start your year toxin-free with ThinTea. In as short as two weeks, you can feel cleansed and free-from bloat, and slimmer as well.

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