A Farewell to Before-Bed Eating with Charley

September 21, 2020

A Farewell to Before-Bed Eating with Charley

Eating before bedtime is a controversial topic mostly when speaking of maintaining or losing weight.  There have been numerous studies and experts are split on the matter.

This leads to a lot of confusion. Regardless, eating before hitting the sack is something many people can’t seem to shake.

Charley is one of them. Eating right before bed has become a habit of hers, and it has caused her stress. She has taken a step toward correcting this pattern by trying out ThinTea and is here to let us know all about it.

“I always find myself, eating the most just before I go to bed. I will literally have another meal before I go to bed. And I’ll just eat and eat and eat.”

Charley preaches to the choir. We’ve all been there. The lot of us might still be there.

The studies that link weight gain to eating before going to bed exactly refer to that extra meal that she mentions.

Simply put, you have already taken in your daily recommendation of calories so anything beyond that goes mostly toward storage. And that means weight gain.

But why are so many people susceptible to eating beyond what’s necessary before bed. It is suggested that a lot of people are the hungriest in the evening. This can be aggravated by the habit of not eating enough during the day. These reasons make us prone to over-indulging, particularly right before night time snoozing.

Let’s hear how Charley managed her situation.

“So what this tea has done is kept me filled up and lowered my appetite. It’s actually made me not want to eat as much, which is great. And I think that’s literally every girl’s dream.

It’s impressive how something so simple as a beverage could have such an impactful effect. And Charley has even more good things to say about ThinTea.

“This tea has definitely gotten rid of some of that weight I have around my tummy. That tiny little bit you have that’s just there. I can definitely see a difference in weight-loss. I’ve also just felt so much better. My body just felt so much better. I haven’t been getting as much tummy ache.”

It’s never bad to get help when you need it. Charley saw that she certainly had her work cut out for her regarding curbing her appetite, especially during at night. Fortunately, ThinTea came through and even brought with it a bunch of lovely bonuses.

Be like Charley and shed off potentially destructive habits with a little push from ThinTea. Guaranteed safe and effective, ThinTea’s signature blends have helped people all throughout the globe. Join their ranks and grab your pouches from the store.