A Flatter Tumtum and Better Everything Else with ThinTea

August 04, 2020

A Flatter Tumtum and Better Everything Else with ThinTea

We all want a flatter tummy. Anyone outside of pregnancy who says they don’t want a more level mid-area is lying. Jokes aside, a less prominent stomach region is objectively better. You feel less weighed down, increasing mobility and flexibility. Your clothes fit better. It’s just more comfortable overall. And for the most part, a flat tummy is a sign of good general health.

This is something Lisa needed. So she gave what could possibly be the least intrusive way of getting a flatter tummy—tea. Not just any tea,
ThinTea’s 14-day Detox Plan. Here’s how it went down.

“So it’s essentially a 14-day detox. And it just gives you a flatter tummy, which is something that I kind of need right now.

The scent is really nice. I actually like them!”

After that brief introduction and giving her initial impressions of how the blends smell and taste, Lisa shows us before and after photos of her tummy flattening progress, as well as the other effects of doing the detox plan.

“Here is a before, and here is an after! So my stomach is flatter. I found myself bloating a lot less. I found myself full more of the time. In the morning, I wouldn’t eat as much. My skin has been looking a lot brighter. I didn’t wear foundation for a week and I didn’t need to.

I’ve just been feeling a lot healthier. I’ve been super productive. I have a lot of energy. I feel healthy, and it’s a good thing. So overall, I’m highly satisfied with this product.” 

A conclusive win for Lisa as it turns out. Not only did she get the flatter tummy that she wanted—and if you paid close attention to the photos, she really progressed a lot—a host of other positive effects came out of using ThinTea. Her improved skin is due to the decrease in the levels of toxins swirling about in her body. Her energy is boosted by the safe bump in her metabolism courtesy of the Fat Burn Blend. And she even translated all that energy and general feeling of wellness into being productive!

Get that flat tumtum that you deserve and much, much more! Experience safe, effective, and attainable weight-loss and bloat-control only with ThinTea! The store is open so place your order now!