A Teatox without a Poop Party?! Amanda Nguyen’s ThinTea Experience

May 17, 2021

A Teatox without a Poop Party?!  Amanda Nguyen’s ThinTea Experience


Amanda was on the fence about tea detoxes because she was worried about one thing. “I’ve seen these teas all over Instragram, I never really planned on trying any of them. They just seem like… If I’m being real here, I just thought it would be a poop party.” Amanda continues to explain her initial perception of “teatoxes” as something that would only make you lose weight because of all the trips to the toilet—which is also unhealthy and dangerous, if we may add. “I barely have any days off (from work) and I don’t want to spend my one, two days off in the bathroom. When I read about [ThinTea], it said ‘IT’S NOT A LAXATIVE’ so I was like, ok I will give it a try.”


 “I took before and after pictures—I took them for myself to see if it made a difference. I’ll tell you right now, I did see a huge difference, “ she explains as she showed her progress photos.



“Another thing I noticed was the energy… it was like whoa! I have so much freaking energy and I NEVER have energy. I was that sluggish slothy tired-all-the-time guy. “



“I have a thing where, I was just bloated. 24/7. Once I started drinking this tea, like probably after like 3 or 4 days, I was like, ‘Hey! I don’t feel like a sausage.’ And I always feel like I was about to burst of my skin… like 4 months pregnant ALL THE TIME. I was like ‘whoa! This feels weird’ Coz if you are bloated all the time, it’s a huge difference. Like you feel so much better. You don’t feel like the pressure.”



“Once I started drinking this tea, I was more regular. It made it like… snappy, in-and-out, like it made it like faster… but it wasn’t like (laughs). It just made it… regular.”


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