All-Organic Bloating Buster

April 14, 2020

All-Organic Bloating Buster

Teacher and influencer, Courtney couldn’t believe it’s actually POSSIBLE to NOT be bloated!

She tells us all about her experience below! 


I thought it was really really good.

You drink this one with your breakfast and you drink this one right before dinner.

The Detox Blend says it cleanses, detoxifies and reduces bloating and the the Fat Burn Blend says it speeds up metabolism, suppresses appetite and burns fat.


"I drink this every single day and I can’t even tell you the amount of bloating it took away. Not that I’m a super bloated person to begin with but I love salt so I’m always bloated, but when I was drinking this, I couldn’t even believe how bloated I wasn’t…. I couldn’t even believe that I wasn’t bloated at all. It’s super crazy to me like…some tea that’s like all-organic can like floral, minty… can remove bloating so much."

"When you go to their website you can see the before and afters and you can see the meal plan and the workout plan. They also have a recipe book that you can follow."

"My body felt so much better when I was drinking this tea. I was not bloated at all, which I think is a win-win because… you’re not bloated. It truly made my body feel better and it truly did help with bloating. I can imagine it will probably even work even better if I stick with the workout plan and the meal plan, so maybe next time I try this I will do those two things. I definitely recommend this."


Struggling with bloating? Try the teas that Courtney used here.