Are Detox Teas Too Good to Be True?

February 25, 2020

Are Detox Teas Too Good to Be True?


I was a bit skeptical,” Youtuber, Becky Wells explains, “I see a lot of this sort of teas on Instagram, online. There’s so many different detox teas out there, so I was a bit skeptical trying them.”

So… did it work?

Unexpected Results

This actually an all-natural blend-- which is good. There’s no harmful chemicals or laxatives in them so it’s better for your body, and it doesn’t kind of make you feel ill. I find these teas really nice actually. I was quite surprised with the results. I wasn’t actually thinking it would do anything… I was like… I don’t know…. “Thin Tea,” really?






"But it has been really good. I feel like it’s given me a lot of energy, and I’m just like more productive, I guess? Especially at work, I felt more productive, able to do more stuff. Which is always a PLUS."

Kickstart for Weight Loss 

I did see results, which is always good. Nothing too drastic but just lost a little bit of weight. I find these teas and this sort of thing for when you’re trying to kickstart your healthy week… these are kind of a good way to start off because it gives you that kind of push.

Overall, I think these teas have been really good. I still  have quite a lot left, even though this is meant for two weeks, I feel like I still  have a lot left in them that I can still carry on. Overall, I really like this product.

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