Beating the Bloat Beast with Bronte

September 14, 2021

Beating the Bloat Beast with Bronte



Bloating has a lot to do with how the body processes the things we consume. Some of us are more affected by this than others.

Beauty vlogger and all around gorgeous babe Bronte Jones has a rather vindictive case of the bloats that’s triggered largely by most of what she eats and drinks. Here she shares how taking Thin Tea detox blend helps her sort out this puffy pigheaded problem.

“I have a massive problem with bloating. I drink too much water—bloated stomach. One piece of bread—bloated stomach. I can eat anything and have a bloated stomach. So I found that this really, really helped with bloating.”

She adds how doing a tea detox is much more than losing weight for her.

“A lot of people have negative connotations because they think that it’s all about losing weight. And for me, this wasn’t about losing weight. I like these because these actually make me feel a bit more full. They make me feel a little less bloated, which is always good. And they just make me feel more energized and healthy. And I just really like the feeling.”

Bronte goes on to say what her experience with Fat Burn blend is like.

“This one is really good because if you’re really hungry at night, you’re meant to have quite small portion sizes especially if you’re trying to lose weight… This one makes me a little less hungry at dinner, which is good, because I hate feeling really heavy after dinner. “

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