Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau with ThinTea!

February 22, 2021

Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau with ThinTea!

Youtube beauty blogger, Josette was stuck at a weight for the longest time. Josette and her mom started their ThinTea journey together and both of them are very happy with their results!


Is your weight goal so near yet so far? 

In our weight loss journey, we sometimes hit a point called a "plateau" where everything we used to do to shed those pounds seems to have stopped working. Usually, it’s those last few pounds away from your goal that are the hardest to lose.

Josette shares her experience, "I was kind of stuck at a weight, and soon as I took the tea (ThinTea), it just immediately boosted me forward." Josette’s mom also describes her own experience. Although she works out at least three times a week for 30-45 minutes, her weight didn’t budge despite all the effort. "I was at 130 like for the longest time and now I am down to 128!"



Fat Loss vs Water Weight

Josette continues,

“For me I lost 2 ½ lbs and that was with me being slightly lazy. And that was really crucial to me because it flattened my stomach a lot. And it was just that 2 ½ lbs that was not moving, not budging until I started drinking the tea.”

Her mom adds,
“And 2 ½ lbs of fat is A LOT of weight. And it’s not water weight! It’s fat, because you can go by how your clothes fit.”

Feeling Better After One Week

Josette shares,

“I noticed like about after a week of taking the tea, I didn’t notice bloating anymore- like completely erased, so that was much more comfortable.”

Her mom also shares how ThinTea eased the bloating she started suffering from as she reached a certain age. “Being 50, over 50 actually, I find that I was experiencing a lot of bloating. After starting the tea, honestly, it’s gone. I don’t complain about it anymore. My stomach just feels great!”

Another benefit they enjoyed is how ThinTea controlled their appetite. “It says it suppresses your appetite and it does. It doesn’t mean that it forces you to starve yourself, but it forces you to not over eat, which is what would naturally cause you to lose weight anyway.” Her mom adds, “At a certain point I was like full and I still had food left in my plate. So I like that about it actually.”

Before and After

And of course, there’s no better way to measure your progress than seeing with your own eyes. Josette shares her before and after pictures, showing off her much leaner physique after her ThinTea journey.



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