Building Healthy Habits During Home Isolation

May 05, 2020

Building Healthy Habits During Home Isolation

For many of us, the first few weeks of sheltering in and working from home is… well, a good break. Without the morning commute, we can get up a few minutes before our first Zoom meeting—pants optional. Once you finish work, you can binge on Netflix shows without even moving from the couch the entire day and stay up for as long as you can.

Lack of structure, however, can take a toll on your health. Your sleep cycle becomes erratic, you skip meals OR end up snacking all day & without open gyms, you might just skip any form of physical activity. Unlike a vacation, this pandemic isolation takes much longer than a long weekend and we, sooner or later, need to start a new routine, to stay healthy. Below are a few tips to stay healthy in all aspects while working from home.



While it doesn’t have to be a super early start, it’s good for the body to wake up around the same time of the day.

For a productive day, get up, brush your teeth, get dressed, have breakfast—do anything that you need to do to prepare your body and signal your mind that you are about to enter a different mode,  in this case, it’s “work mode,” despite having no change in the actual environment.



Just as much as you should establish a healthy morning routine, try to create a soothing nighttime routine. Settling into a healthy circadian rhythm (which in turn leads to a healthy body) can be easily achieved by a routine that helps you wind down, as opposed to just falling asleep when you’re extremely tired from bingeing on your nth Netflix series.

A night routine can be as simple as taking a hot shower, slipping into your favourite pajamas,and crawling in bed.



Many of us are used to going to the gym, so having to stay at home can be a major disruption to our fitness routine.

Gyms, unfortunately, could be very high-risk areas for virus transmission so they may open quite later than other businesses, so at this point, it’s good do just start a home fitness routine.

Many studios are holding live classes online or maybe you can google a good routine using whatever you have at home like a pair of weights or a treadmill.

Exercise has many benefits, including improving one’s immune system obviously, but it is much needed during uncertain times as it positively affects one’s mood, and it will definitely help with one’s emotional and mental health.



Let’s be honest, without outdoor activity, what’s there to do at home, really? However, excessivescreen time (read: scrolling social media, watching TV etc) can have negative effects such as disturbed sleep, and mood problems. Try offline activities such as gardening or crafts or other meditative hobbies.

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