Burning Fat with Jewels Julliet

December 18, 2018

Burning Fat with Jewels Julliet

When it comes to weight loss and cleansing teas, you’d normally try to at least help things along by dropping the snacks and just generally eat less. After all, that’s what most cleansing teas suggest for “optimum results”.

But not all of us have that level of constitution. Take Jewels for example. She tried ThinTea’sDetox and Fat Burn blends but was totally transparent that she still ate normally, even more than usual. But how did her cleansing experience fare? Let’s hear what she has to say.

She starts off with some general observations.

“These two together are very, very potent… For a second I actually thought that they were going to taste bad. But it’s complete opposite.”

So far, she’s sort of on board. She then shares an “amazing news”.

“I have good, amazing news, you guys. When I started doing this, I actually weighed myself. I was 149.2pounds! I’m kind of shocked because I wasn’t expecting me to be in that range. To see that number on my scale kind of super shocked me… I’ve been drinking this for about two weeks now. You guys, I’m a hundred and forty one! I was in shock!”

Jewels evidently got awesome weight loss results in those two weeks. But she then adds a detail that really reinforces how positive her experience has been with ThinTea.

“During that time I was actually eating a lot of junk food… This thing actually worked and made me lose eight pounds.”

Eight pounds in two weeks and still snacking comfortably during that time? That’s pretty impressive. Although Jewels isn’t done yet. 

“We’re actually going to see because I am still drinking this. And I am hoping, with this product, I would be a hundred and thirty five.  Because I am a hundred and forty one right now, which is so crazy, so amazing. I’m just in shocked by the fact that, in two weeks, I lost eight pounds. That’s amazing for this product to do this.”

The gorgeous Jewels then adds what she could have done to get better results.

“Obviously, when you’re doing this product, you don’t want to be eating as much greasy food as I was. Personally, I do believe that this would have worked even more if myself would have been a hundred percent dedicated in drinking this every single day. But I didn’t drink it every single day. I sometimes forgot.”

Some rather sensible realizations there. Jewels finishes off by giving other details regarding why she’s so impressed with ThinTea.

“I do strongly believe that this thing works. Because I was really not working out. I was not running. I was not lifting up weights whatsoever. And I lost eight pounds. And again, I wasn’t really religious onto drinking this. So I’m just amazed that the product even made me lose so much!”

While ThinTea does suggest coupling the teas with proper diet and exercise, you’d still get good results even if you don’t make any changes to your habits. Jewels experienced this first hand. Of course, if you do want to get the absolute best results, some adjustments have to be made.

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