Cardio Exercise Alternatives to Running

December 12, 2018

Cardio Exercise Alternatives to Running

Running is a gold standard among cardiovascular workouts. It’s effective, easy, and convenient. There’s hardly any reason to not do it. But there are still reasons from physical limitations to space constraints.

Luckily there are other options available to us. And we’ve listed a few for you.


Skipping/Jump Rope

We start with a high impact alternative. Jumping rope is great if there’s not much space to run around. You simply jump in place. It’s an excellent exercise for developing agility, speed, stamina, and coordination. Lower body strength is improved, which diminishes the risk of injury. Moreover, the exercise burns a lot of calories—around 15 calories per minute. The main downside is it is quite high impact as mentioned.



Now we have included this because more and more gyms today have the equipment available to patrons. Rowing is an amazing cardio exercise. A large number of muscle groups are targeted like the arm muscles, hamstrings, shoulders, quads. It can even get to the abs and chest with proper training. The rowing machine at your local gym might look a tad bit intimidating but in-house trainers and most staff would gladly help you out. Even fellow gym-goers could offer some assistance.



This is one of the classics. You can do it outdoors or in if you have the wherewithal. It comes very close to running as far as the positive effects are concerned. Lung and heart strength are enhanced with regular cycling. It’s one of the best workouts for burning store calories while building lower body muscles. If you are going to take a ride outside, do remember to use proper safety gear and try to find a bicycle-friendly location if at all possible.



Swimming is the dealer’s choice when it comes to low impact cardio. People with joint complications have much to gain from swimming. It can give the cardiovascular system quite the workout without straining the joints too much. It’s the cardio of choice for people who are recovering from injuries as well. Plus swimming uses up almost all the body’s muscle group. It’s a total workout all things considered.


Bodyweight Cardio

Easily one of the most versatile and convenient cardio exercises. It does not require gear. All you need is a flat surface. You have the option to scale it to your preference. Bodyweight cardio includes pushups, squat thrusts, burpees, jumping jacks and a whole lot more.



We cap the list with one of the most practical alternatives given you don’t live in a bungalow, that is. Walking up stairs is surprisingly low impact so your joints would thank you. The constant upward effort strengthens leg muscles, improving stride, agility, and stamina. So if you live in an apartment building, take stair days. You would really appreciate it, too, if the elevator becomes unavailable.


These are but a very few running alternatives. You can even invent your own since the principle is quite basic.

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