Cheap and Proven Ways to De-Stress

September 19, 2018

Cheap and Proven Ways to De-Stress

Stress does a lot more bad things for the body apart from making us go, “I can’t even with everything right now. Unchecked, too much stress could lead to serious cardiovascular diseases and even mental and emotional imbalance.

Relaxation is the key. But you don’t have to spend thousands on a European holiday just to get yourself together. We’ve listed several helpful tips to alleviate stress that are backed up by good old science and hardly cost anything.


Have Plants Around

We’ve mentioned this before in an earlier list. Having plants near and around you could significantly lower stress levels. In a recent study, people that have elevated blood pressure spent time in a room with plants. Their blood pressure went down four points!  Just being around plants really does calm down stress levels.


Hand Therapy

Applying pressure to the space between the base knuckles of your index and middle finger could give insta-calm. It stimulates a nerve that slackens the area around the heart. It’s a great way to bring nerves down quickly. It’s particularly good for panic and anxiety attacks.


Crank Up the Classics

Ever wondered why so many TV and movie surgeons play music while performing surgeries? It’s because music, particularly classical, has a strong soothing effect. Stress hormones are decreased. The heart rate and blood pressure are lowered. And if you don’t have a player at hand, self-produced music could do the trick so hum away!


Good Kind of Viral

We all have gone down the streaming video rabbit hole. Those viral video binges happen for a reason. Most of the time, they make us laugh or break out a smirk at least. Laughter is a tricky little bugger when it comes to relieving stress. It actually activates stress first then turns it off. The ups and downs give us a feeling of organic relaxation. The act of laughing itself improves oxygen intake and stimulates muscles, including the heart, and the lungs of course. So don’t feel too bad when you end up spending two hours giggling at pugs doing silly things at YouTube instead of doing the wash.


Clean the Stress Away

Speaking of chores, when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and nearing the edge, try dropping what you’re doing and instead do some de-cluttering for a few minutes. Near mindless tasks like house chores bring the mind away from complex thoughts and sorts of re-aligns everything. You’d come back to doing what was agitating you refreshed and ready to give it a more sensible try.


A Banana or A Potato

Whichever you choose, during times of stress, these potassium rich foods help regulate blood pressure. Energy and spirits can quickly recover after snacking on these two.  The risk of heart disease is also lowered.


Kisses and Pets

Sort of a no-brainer. It’s free but you would need another WILLING person. Protip: Do NOT try to buy a person. It’s weird, and you will go to prison. Petting furbabies or giving them smooches also alleviate stress. Although it is still unknown if petting another human being is a proven way to relax.


Drink Tea

Teas like chamomile and other blends have safe relaxing effects on the body and mind. Hot or warm teas are more likely to calm the nerves. The ones with very little to no caffeine content are the best choices, of course.


Stress is free and the options to get rid of them should be, too. But if these low-cost tricks aren’t doing it, ThinTea has a specialty blend called Stress Less that is sure to give you the chill you need when you need it. You can get it on its own but if why not de-stress and detoxify as well? ThinTea’s complete health pack has the anti-stress tea, the Detox and Fat Burn blends, and a few other tea mixes to ease the mind. Shop now!