Cheaper, Better, and Healthier Alternative to Detoxing: Steph’s ThinTea experience.

October 24, 2019

Cheaper, Better, and Healthier Alternative to Detoxing: Steph’s ThinTea experience.

Beauty guru, Steph shares: "I have already tried another kind of detox tea, which I really didn’t get on with. I’m a bit annoyed because it was a bit expensive but I just didn’t really like it, I didn’t get on with it."


The Need
"The reason why I wanted to try kind of a detox/thin/skinny tea, mainly just because I feel like I’m bloated so much, and it’s been driving me mad.  I was thinking this is a slightly more natural way of doing it, that might get rid of that kind of bloating and just like clearmy system out without having to use laxatives."


Do your research! Is it safe?
"I had to look at their website and had to look at the ingredients, which was really reallykinda swayed me and like, “ok yeah I’m gonna do it” because their certified organic ingredients, a hundred percent natural, I was really kind of like, “OK, I’m gonna give this a go.” So this is a 28 day one and I am about three weeks in now and I have started to see results."


Results and General Experience
"For someone who doesn’t like tea and coffee—I can’t stand the taste of anything like that, anything herbal, I can drink it and it’s actually isn’t too bad and I was able to stick with it, whereas the other one where I paid more money for, I couldn’t stick with it cos I didn’t like the taste of it. So, this is quite a fresh taste.

I have that (detox blend) in the morning, and this (fat burn blend) in the evening, which actually kinda helped curb a little bit of my wanting to snack in the evening.

So I’ve lost four pounds, which some people might not think that’s a huge amount but I think that’s quite a decent amount and that’s quite a steady amount as well. And I found it’s actually quite good, and four pounds—I am over the moon about.

I do really like it, I have been using it for the three weeks and I will keep using it for the next week and to be honest, I am just gonna keep going until I run out of the packets because I just think it’s good to keep detoxing my system."


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