Chem-free Weight Loss with Deblina

May 14, 2018

Chem-free Weight Loss with Deblina


Have you always battled with excess weight and tried almost everything in the market? Probably by now, you are as wary as our girl Deb who has tried a few weight loss products in the past.

A good number of manufacturers resort to using a pinch, a dab, a sprinkle, or a drizzle of synthetic chemicals in their products in order for their claims of efficacy to have some sort of truth to them. Of course, these are compounds that aren’t supposed to be absorbed into the body so these “results” come with a price more often than not—immediate or long-term side-effects.

This issue, we have Deb who has had brushes with other weight loss products that were somewhat effective but was also subjected to the downsides. But she tried ThinTea and she gives her honest testimony on her experience. Let’s hear her story.

A critical consumer that she is, she had reservations toward using the tea blends.

“To be really honest, I thought this was going to be a gimmick. This is not going to work. I was scared that it will contain harmful chemicals just for weight loss.”

But upon reading on about the ingredients, she felt more comfortable taking the teas.

“When this thing arrived, I had to read the ingredients. I’m super happy to know that this brand is completely organic. They are natural.”

She goes on to impart with us her past experiences with other weight loss products.

“Being someone on the curvier side, I have tried out things like these...for weight loss.  The ones with laxative make you sick. I’m actually happy to know that this is not just organic. This is also laxative-free.”

Deb shares her results after using ThinTea and compares it with how other slimming methods treated her.

“There were visible results. My friends have literally told me, ‘You’ve lost weight.’  Generally, whenever I tried losing weight earlier without this tea, I get super tired by the end of the day. I don’t want to work. I feel sleepy. My metabolism goes crazy. I just feel like giving up.”

It seems like she had a really harsh time before ThinTea. Deb moves on to how ThinTea affected her appetite.

“I have a strong craving. I want to have junk food. But the thing that I’ve seen with ThinTea… it did not make me crave for anything that’s not good for me. It suppressed my appetite but it made me hungry at the right time…At the end of the day, I felt so energetic. I slept so much better. And overall it just made me a healthy person. I definitely lost weight. The bloating was gone. My skin started feeling good. And I felt so much more confident.”

Harsh chemicals can really do a number on our body. The payoff, whatever it is, be it weight loss or de-bloating, is almost never worth it. Natural and organic elements might also be detrimental but in the right hands, it can be the most effective and safest means to reach a goal.

ThinTea is a master class in formulating tea blends that yield optimum results without resorting to hard chemicals like laxatives. Experience it for yourself. Our store offers a wide variety of other blends apart from our signature Detox and Fat Burn duo.