Cleansed Inside and Out: Steph’s ThinTea Story

June 12, 2020

Cleansed Inside and Out: Steph’s ThinTea Story

Eliminating toxins from inside the body truly has a ripple effect. This is what Steph experienced when she gave ThinTea’s 14-day Detox program a go.

Steph’s testimony begins by detailing how safe and convenient the tea blends are.

“The products do not contain laxative, which is good for people who don’t feel like running to the bathroom every couple of seconds just because they drank some tea.”

This is a vital edge that ThinTea has over other detox tea plans—one of many, actually. It’s no secret that many brands are, crucially, laxatives. Users see the main effect of laxatives, that being about the same as having diarrhea, as cleansing and expulsion of toxins.

In reality, laxatives force water out of the body, causing dehydration and upsetting its chemical balance. This could also lead to the premature ejection of helpful and harmless gut flora that aid in digestion and fighting off harmful bacteria.

Steph’s review proceeds to describing how the detox plan has affected her inside and out. And we may even have found a new tea convert. 

“What I found with this tea is I wasn’t bloated. It improved my skin. I literally haven’t had a pimple in three weeks. My skin has been so nice, lately.

I’m going to be honest; I’m not a fan of tea. But this one actually had a pretty good taste to it.”

Your girl, Steph, even closed with how she likes the customer service!

The video has clearly shown that extreme means don’t necessarily translate to desired results. A tea that makes you do a bee line to the bathroom at the speed of a Formula E every hour doesn’t mean it’s aiding in removing toxins. I does more harm than good as we mentioned earlier.

Steph’s story is also telling of what effects safe cleansing from the inside have on the outside, which, in her case, is better skin health. Other users even say that ThinTea has improved the state of their hair.

ThinTea promotes overall health without harsh chemicals and other nasty stuff. It’s pure and safe cleansing that’s convenient and tasty to boot! Break free from bloating and unwanted pounds with ThinTea’s signature tea blends. You’ll thank yourself for it.