Clearer Skin, Clearer Mind with Vineetha

Clearer Skin, Clearer Mind with Vineetha

July 10, 2018

General detoxification comes with a slew of benefits. One of the more direct perks of the process involves improvement in parts or systems of the body that are often instantly affected by impurities: the digestive system and the skin to mention a couple.

However, it’s not always clear that the outcome is a direct product of detox, especially if we change a few things in our lifestyle at the same time. For example, someone undergoing detox might also take other precautions, like take dietary supplements or add a product to her skincare regime. This causes a confusion on what actually helped or not.

In Vineetha’s case, she made sure to stick to detox exclusively in order to ascertain its effectiveness. And this is her story concerning unaltered detox with ThinTea.

She starts with some general observations.

“It really, really cleanses out my body really well. And it just really makes me feel super refreshed.”

She continues how the plan affected her skin and how the results directly point to ThinTea.

“And I honestly realized that it started clearing out my skin much better. And I actually started getting lesser pimples. And I honestly feel like it’s because of this (14-Day Detox Blend). I have not changed any of my face products, and it cannot be anything else. But after drinking this for almost a month, I’ve noticed that my skin started clearing out really well.”

Vineetha’s testimony continues with what she thinks of the Fat Burn Blend.

“Honestly, this tea makes you feel less hungry. And it honestly works because usually I get hungry all the time. After drinking this tea, I feel full almost the entire day. And I think that’s what helps you to stop eating that much. This just helps you make you stop eating the snacks and the junks in between.”

Your girl adds a few more general impressions on her whole ThinTea experience.

“I love these two so much… It has made my mood feels so much better. And honestly, I feel like it has cleared my mind so much better as well. It makes me have the energy to exercise on a daily basis so I don’t skip out on my workout. And this is just so good, and I’m addicted to it.”

Vineetha knows the ropes. If you really want to see if you’ve made the right purchase, you must eliminate any modifying factor out of the equation. It is quite obvious that ThinTea has done wonders for her and it could do the same for you. So stop on over our shop and get your Detox and Fat Burn plans now.

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