Coco’s Emergency Bloat Remedy

November 13, 2019

Coco’s Emergency Bloat Remedy


Coco LOVES her salty food and she’s just not ready to give them up. Good thing there’s ThinTea to help her with the bloat.


Detox Blend for the Bloat

What I’m gonna talk about today is ThinTea.

I still have tea left in both of these, especially the Fat Burn blend I have a bunch of it left. I have two packs, the detox blend and then one is a fat burn blend. So you drink this (detox blend) in the morning, and this in the evening. I always remember to drink this (detox blend) because I wake up and I have it while having ready, but this one (fat burnblend) I always forget to take because this is a night thing.

I was able to do three full weeks then ever since just basically whenever I feel really bloated, I use this (detox blend) and the bloating goes away.


The Experience

What I found when I was on these tea, I could really tell was losing a lot of water weight. I’m a person who loves to eat a lot of salt and because of that I retain a lot of water. A lot of excess water. And this has really helped me to reduce that. Coz I’m not okay with saying goodbye to salts, it’s what makes eating for me pleasant. So I really really need that in my food and it’s part of the thing that makes me happy in life.


Does she recommend ThinTea?
I would. If you are like me, If whatever you do you always have a little bit of belly no matter how much you train, how much you work out—because it’s a belly from freakin’ water weight and it’s because you eat salt. And that happens to a lot. And if you want to bring that down, this is your go to thing.

And I really recommend this detox blend a lot. If you just want to look good for summer, and you want to get that belly gone the few moths you that you’re gonna go to the beach, if you have a party, you drink this a few days in advance, and you just shrink a little bit. I would recommend it, because when I’m feeling down about myself, I would drink it and I would feel better.


Struggling with that constant pooch like Coco? We have what you need.