Detoxing for Better Immunity with Lisa

May 29, 2018

Detoxing for Better Immunity with Lisa


Busy people would know to keep themselves protected from bugs and infections that could throw a figurative wrench into the gears of everyday living.

Prevention is better than cure, of course. So the best way to avoid getting sick is to make sure our immune system is up to the task. We use vitamins, supplements, and such. We add and add but we must also remember to eliminate. Toxins play a huge role in dampening one’s immune system. And a good way to expel those nasty stuffs is through a tea detox like what Lisa did. Let’s hear her detox story using ThinTea.

Lisa starts by sharing before and after photos of her torso after two weeks on ThinTea Detox and Fat Burn blends.

“My honest opinion is that I am highly satisfied with this product. Obviously, my stomach is flatter and there are many other benefits.”

She elaborates on the de-bloating, appetite suppressing, and other properties of ThinTea.

I found myself bloating a lot less. I found myself full most of the time. In the morning I wouldn’t eat as much… So I reduce my calorie intake naturally because I felt full… You’re flushing out your toxins. It’s obviously fat-burning, too. This tea boosts your metabolism…”

Lisa segues to the health benefits that she really likes from tea detox and even gives a shoutout to one of the ingredients.

“In regards to the health aspect, my skin has been looking a lot brighter. I feel much fresher. Keep in mind that I didn’t wear foundation for a week (because) I didn’t need to. My face looks so nice. I just think it might have to do with the dandelion root. It really aids with the youth of your skin.”

And she moves on to more serious perks of taking ThinTea.

“My immunity has been pretty strong. All of my friends, all of my family, they’re all getting sick around me. And for some reason I’m not coughing; I’m not sneezing. I’ve been super productive. I have a lot of energy. “           

Lisa wraps up with how the experience helped her digestion.

“I’ve been having problems with my digestive system lately. And when I started drinking the tea, I noticed a decrease in those problems. I feel pretty stabilized now. I feel less sick. I feel healthy, and it’s a good thing.”

A good run of detox should not just eliminate bloat-causing and fat-retaining contaminants. It also must expel toxins that stunt or weaken immunity. Lisa experienced this first hand with ThinTea’s 14-day detox pack and you can, too! Just head on to our store and pick out the right bundle for you.