Easy Appetite Suppressing Hacks

November 13, 2018

Easy Appetite Suppressing Hacks

When it comes to controlling weight, it’s virtually basic knowledge that we must use up the more or the same amount of calories that we take in. So it normally comes down to two things: eat less or exercise more.

People usually find one to be easier than the other. When it comes to eating less, appetite is the main villain of the piece. Control has become a rarity in this age of indulgence and the vast information shared across the Internet on the topic of the hottest restaurants right now or really delectable and easy recipes that are usually high in calories.

We’ve listed down a few natural methods to curb appetite for those tempting times when we think that a second helping would not hurt.


Water Up

It’s pretty simple. Make less room in the stomach by drinking a glass or two of water before a meal. This has been proven to dramatically decrease the chance of over-eating plus there’s the very good added benefit of hydration, which is surprisingly often overlooked.


By the Bulk

This is very much related to the tip above. Eat more fiber-rich foods with your meals, especially when it is early on in the day. Fiber adds bulk and stays longer in the stomach than most edibles. You won’t feel famished on your next meal because your tummy would not feel empty.


Solid over Softies

Try to consume a lot more solid, chunky foods like succulent veggies or lean protein. Looser food types normally just pass through the digestive track leaving the stomach feeling empty and most people equate that to not being nourished enough. Solid foods, like fiber, stick around longer and are heftier so the feeling of being full carries over, hopefully, until the next meal. Better yet, eat solid foods that are high in fiber.


Move before Meals

Several studies have shown that exercise lowers the effects of appetite increasing hormones. So a good workout before a meal would not be too bad. It’s also been proven that “fullness” hormones are increased. Of course, for people who want to build muscle mass up, the meal immediately after a rigorous workout would provide the necessary nutrients for muscle tissue building. They are used up basically instantly so hardly any of the nutrients are stored in the body as fat!


Chill Out

It’s hardly news that stress triggers overeating. Stress causes the body to bypass the “I am not hungry right now.” protocol of the body. The body craves gastronomical reward in times of stress because it’s as much a drama queen as we are. So it’s best to try to be well-put together in order to avoid stress-triggered munchies.


Blue Plate Special

This is a very practical tip that really works. Use small, blue plates for your meals. Smaller plates tend to make servings larger than they really are so our minds are fooled that it’s enough food. The colour blue comes into play because our brain naturally finds it unappetizing. There are very few naturally blue food items. We are predisposed to associate blue with things that are not edible. In a nutshell, seeing the colour incorporated in our meals pretty much puts us off to the food. If you do follow this tip, don’t get big servings because there’s a good probability that we may not finish it. And we don’t want to waste food.


There you have it. Easy tricks to calming down appetite so we don’t put in more calories in our body than we actually need. It won’t hurt to get help though. ThinTea is a tea detox system mainly composed of the Detox and Fat Burn blends. The fat burn has appetite suppressing qualities on top of its metabolism boost factor. The blends are natural, organic, and are devoid of detrimental ingredients like laxatives, gluten, and preservatives to name a few. Pay the store a visit. There are other helpful blends available apart from the two mentioned. Start living healthfully now!