Ellie Finally Finds a Teatox with No Negative Side Effects

June 26, 2018

Ellie Finally Finds a Teatox with No Negative Side Effects


It is perfectly fine to always be vigilant of what we put in our body. That’s why it’s always good to do your own research before consuming anything especially if a product makes remarkable claims.

Lifestyle blogger Ellie Hall tried ThinTea but not before a bit of sleuthing, so to speak. She wanted to know what the real deal is with tea detox as she had predispositions regarding the matter. Here is her testimony.

“Personally, I never believed that they were good or healthy for you. I always thought they’re just a quick way to lose weight…And they definitely ruin your insides. I was very hesitant to try these teas.”

She cites a horror story relating to slimming teas and their negative effects on certain drugs.

However, Ellie describes how she became more comfortable using ThinTea’s Detox and Fat Burn blends.

“But these ThinTeas didn’t seem to worry me in the slightest just because I researched on them mad…I did research all of the ingredients inside these. And they don’t contain the laxative leaf. So these are a hundred percent natural…there’s not harmful laxatives in there either. “

She also researched about a particular natural component that makes you “go” and she didn’t find Senna leaf in ThinTea’s ingredients list.

Ellie then share what actual good came out of taking the teas.

“On the first day I tried it, I felt like it really, really worked. It had a huge effect on me. And I definitely felt a lot better. And it didn’t make me run to the toilet or anything like that throughout this whole process. And I definitely got maximum effect from the second week. I was really surprised by how I felt.”

Ms. Hall then shares her physical progress while on the natural supplements.

“You can see my progress… Not a drastic change but I definitely felt better. I felt less bloated, less sticky. I had more motivation to go to the gym because I sort of just felt a bit lighter and more cleansed.”

So there you have it. No one will fault you if you’re a bit of a cynic when it comes to consumable products. It just means that you’re the wiser consumer.  

ThinTea prides itself with how much care attention is given to safety as well as results. The Detox and Fat Burn blends are formulated to give optimum outcome without the hang-ups and negative vibes of other detox and slimming tea blends out there. You can get your own bundles here. Try it now to see and feel for yourself!