Excuses We Make to Not Exercise and How to Get Over Them

October 05, 2018

Excuses We Make to Not Exercise and How to Get Over Them

There’s always a “but” in pretty much everything in life. Excuses are convenient and get us out of a lot of things. However, there some things that we just shouldn’t weasel out of and one of those things is exercise. We’re not saying that every alibi is dishonest. There are legitimate reasons why people opt out of physical activities for wellness and longevity.

Here are a few common excuses we toss out and how we can get across them. Do note that these are for people who do not have physical limitations.


“I just don’t have the time.”

Of course. Who has time these days? We all do actually. A lot of us have a predisposed notion that exercise is a life consumer. If we can find five minutes to look at dog videos every day then we have time to squeeze in five minutes of exercise. Yes. Five minutes of impactful exercise could make the difference between energy dips or heart disease and a long healthy life. And if we do manage to do 5-minute exercises a day and we start feeling motivated, we can jump off from there and increase the time. Nobody said we should dive in and immediately do two-hour workout sessions.

Daily exercise is great but it’s optional. You don’t have to writhe and stress over having to do it every day.


“I want to get everything else in my life sorted so I can focus on exercising.”

It’s never going to happen. We will always have something on our plate. This is quite similar to the first one, with time being the major playing factor but now it involves more personal issues. We think that there’s always something more important to do than jog for half an hour before or after work. Social and professional commitments are always apparently intruding. If it’s one thing, it’s another. We will never have it in us to really focus on exercise and we want to give it our one hundred percent if we ever do get to it!

But is health less important than consoling Heather because she broke up with Jeff for the third time this year? Are we Heather’s only friend? Will we be fired if we don’t take the optional overtime work the boss offered to everyone? Sure we could all use the money but we’d need more money if we throw our back out one day due to the lack of regular physical activity. Doctors don’t consider friendship as legal tender. We are the ones who impose these limits on ourselves.


“I don’t need it. I just want to lose weight. I’m on this ____ diet right now and….”

If we say we don’t need exercise to health professionals, they’d promptly direct us to the nearest comedy joint because they’d think we like to tell jokes. There’s a difference between being physically fit and being at one’s ideal weight. The former is better than the latter according to experts. It sure is good to look well and not overweight but an overweight person who exercises regularly often get better lab results than people who don’t and aren’t outwardly fat. If we’re going to get grim, the endgame for us if we stick to this state of mind—prioritizing looks over true fitness—is we get to leave a pretty corpse.

We should strive to stretch those muscles and get the blood flowing so we look healthy and be actually healthy. It’s all-encompassing. It prolongs life. And exercise can make us enjoy that long life and not just be present around it. Everything is improved from mood to sex life.


“I’d had seriously given it a try but I just can’t lose weight.”

If we’ve done most sensible things including a genuine go at exercise for weight loss and it hardly gave out any results, then we may be suffering from something. There’s probably something else wrong with us if we’ve come to this realization and still haven’t consulted a specialist. We should address the problem because there may be serious underlying issues. And of course as mentioned in the previous entry, we should not gauge physical health by how good we look. Not seeing weight loss should not be a reason to stop exercising. Get treated. Keep exercising. Forward and up.

As mentioned before, these excuses have more to do with us than the circumstances that we just so love to point our fingers at. It’s baffling that it’s so hard for us to put the really important stuff at the top of our lists. But all it takes is one small step and we can inch our way out of the rut that we’ve created for ourselves.

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