Find It Hard to Drink Water? These Foods are Full of H2O!

Find It Hard to Drink Water? These Foods are Full of H2O!

June 15, 2018

Drinking plain old water is about as thrilling as, well, drinking plain old water. Hydration is the answer to a lot of what ails us. Water flushes out toxins, wastes, and excess liquids from the body. It is ideal for maintaining good health.

We’ve listed some foodstuff that could help you out if you require a bit of “excitement” to go with your water consumption.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are very high in water content with percentages of 91, 93, and 92 respectively. They taste great, too! The great news is they’re also capable of breaking down detrimental forms of estrogen so they can be expelled easier. However, their sugar content makes them an “in moderation” type of food.


Cucumbers, like lettuce, are considered “crunchy water” because they’re both 96% water by weight. Unfortunately, cucumbers aren’t really good for anything else in terms of nutritional value and calories. But they are a natural diuretic, helping increase urination and better ridding the body of toxins. The succulent salad mainstay is also high and silicon, which is good for the kidneys.


Watermelons, as the name suggests, is watery, about 92%. Strawberries have the same water content. It’s a nice, refreshing, and very hydrating snack after working out. Or munch on some oranges or grapefruit. They are at 91% water and high in immune system-boosting compounds.

Yogurt and Eggs

For those who like their watery treats to be a bit richer, yogurt has the answer. It’s basically milk thickened by probiotics or healthy bacteria, which aid digestion and prevent bloat. Boiled, steamed, or poached eggs are at 75% water. Yogurt and eggs are high in protein and healthy fats.

We can’t stress the importance of being well and properly hydrated enough. The entire body requires water to function. Why do you think you feel ill after a night of drinking? It’s because alcohol has rendered the water from your cells, dehydrating you. These foods are also terrific alternatives when straight water isn’t immediately available.

We mentioned the massive role of water consumption in helping to get of toxins and bloating. If you think you need a bit more push in this department, then ThinTea is here for you. First of all, it’s tea. It’s another way to get water in you. Plus we’ve formulated our tea blends to greatly assist in toxin elimination and a good dose of fat burning on the side. So get your pack now and be hydrated and toxin-free!     

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