Five Best Health Advice from Celebrities

August 27, 2019

Five Best Health Advice from Celebrities

We often find it impractical, if not impossible to aim for a celebrity body. We feel that they look fit and healthy because they naturally look that way or they have the means as celebrities. We sometimes forget that they are also human like you and me. Here are some solid advice from celebrities we love.

Find workouts you love.

According to Kaley Cuoco, if you hate running like she does, don't do it because you think that's the best workout. Exercise should be fun and make you feel great, so find something you enjoy and stick with it. As for her, she loves yoga and spinning.

Keep at it over the weekends.

Jessica Alba shares that she gets in her workouts over the weekends, too. "#weekendwarrior," she captioned one Instagram gym selfie. A long weekend break can easily break the habit.

Eat a big enough breakfast.

Jillian Michaels eats around 500 calories for breakfast—or about one quarter of her daily calorie allowance on days when she works out. "I aim for a relatively even blend of healthy complex carbohydrates, protein, and polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats," she says.

Watch What you Let In

Jennifer Lopez doesn't drink, smoke, or consume caffeine.

In addition to always wearing sunscreen, Jennifer keeps her skin glowing by avoiding cigarettes, caffeine, and alcoholic beverages.

Substitute Instead of

Jennifer Aniston loves to eat her favorite comfort food—but with she uses healthy ingredients. For example, when she craves for lasagna, she'll make a homemade version using veggies as pasta. Her husband also makes an epic homemade carbonara using turkey bacon instead of pork.

Ready to get started? Kick start your healthy lifestyle with these healthy and natural blends.