Foods for Curbing Appetite According to Science

February 21, 2022

Foods for Curbing Appetite According to Science

Losing weight by diet change typically means lessening food intake. One must take in less calories than what is the daily recommended. If done correctly and safely, a person can lose weight without exercise.

That is the idea. Of course, the method entails appetite control, which could be incredibly challenging for a lot of people.

Thankfully, science has the answer, as usual. There are types of foods out there that can help curb appetite. And they are backed up by solid studies. And we have listed some of them down.

Have More Fibre

fibre fermentation in the gut, which creates certain fatty acids that give the feeling of fullness.

Studies have shown that eating fibre-laden foods like beans, leafy greens, seeds, and anything whole-grain can make you feel up to 31% fuller.  Adding about 14 grams of fibre to your daily diet could possibly lower your caloric intake by 10%, translating to weight-loss of almost two kilograms in around four months without breaking a sweat!

Spice It Up

Hot and spicy foods might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you do enjoy them or are willing to partake, it may help decrease excessive hunger.  Capsaicin, the compound that is responsible for the heat in most spicy foods, like peppers, may curb appetite and make you feel fuller than you really are!  

Another notable option is ginger. This is for you if you are not into spicy things that are too upfront with the heat. Ginger is already a known superfood. It improves digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties. Now, studies have also shown that ginger can also reduce unnecessary hunger. Two grams of ginger each day, however should you like to take it, would do the trick.

Moreover, the increased body temperature brought on by eating hot foods may assist in burning calories.

Mega Effects from Omega-3


Omega-3 fats are normally found in seafood. Experts have found out that enriching the diet of overweight and obese individuals led to an increase in fullness.

It’s been witnessed that omega-3 is capable of increasing the body’s production of a hormone called leptin aka the ‘fullness hormone’. The study has been limited, however, and the effects on lean people have not been fully explored.


More Protein
If you want to curb your appetite without feeling deprived, then you should make protein around 20 to 30 % (about 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight) of your daily caloric allowance.

A study was made between two groups of people who had two different kinds of breakfast for a period of two months. One group ate eggs and the other ate bread with equal calorie counts. The egg group, or the protein-rich group, lost 65% more weight than the bread group. Additionally, the high protein group lost 16% more body fat!  

Increasing protein intake is also known to prevent loss of muscle mass while trying to lose weight.

Solid Results
Some people might turn to liquid calories for a quick ‘bite’.  However, liquid meals are not very satisfying and could often lead to compensating through between meals snacks or increased caloric intake on the next meal.

Scientists say that the act of chewing gives the fullness signal more time to reach the brain. Chewing also gives the taste buds more time in contact with food. You would get more satisfaction from eating and get a better sensation of fullness. In short, you enjoy your food more without increasing caloric consumption.

Solid foods also feel generally heavier in the stomach, decreasing the chances of offsetting hunger come time for the next meal.

Dark Chocolate

Slow doesn’t always mean bad. The stearic acid in darker chocolates has shown effects of slowing down digestion. This could possibly lead to the sensation of fullness for longer. The bitter taste of dark chocolate also has a similar effect.

In fact, such is the potency of dark chocolate for curbing appetite that just smelling it may give off the same mentioned effects! So indulge every so often. Chocolate has proven yet again that it’s one of the best things to eat.

Eating is one of the simple and basic joys in life. It’s also quite necessary. What we have listed are mere suggestions. It is entirely up to you—and your current physical condition—if you think you definitely need to curb your appetite in order to improve your life.

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