Foods for Your Skin: Topical Edition

August 10, 2018

Foods for Your Skin: Topical Edition

Topical treatments for the skin are not new. Topical simply means surface application. No ingestion necessary. The skin would just absorb the essential components by mere contact.

But what kind is good for what? We’ve categorized usual food items that could do wonders for your skin by their specific effects.

Before we begin, do note that it’s best to use raw, unprocessed foodstuff. And while the jury is still out of whether or not organic foods are actually better for the body, in this case, organic is better since the skin does not have the necessary organs and naturally produced compounds that could neutralize or process the chemicals that may be present in non-organic foods.


The Soothers

Hydrated oatmeal and cucumber slices are very good topical anti-inflammatory applications. Both do a lot to soothe inflamed and irritated skin due to dryness and hormone-driven skin conditions like mild acne.  Turmeric diluted in oil makes for a great face mask to also fight of irritations and itch. Moistened green tea leaves do the same but with the added effect of sun damage soothing.

The Beautifiers

Cocoa powder and moist coffee grounds both have caffeine that promotes better blood circulation, lessening visible veins on the skin’s surface. Mashed parsley is able to even out discoloured skin. Dark spots and scars become less noticeable.  Oranges, meanwhile, can be a great anti-bacterial and can also promote better skin vibrancy.

The Moisturizers

Moisture is pretty much the skin’s best friend.  Coconut cream not only hydrates but also fights the signs of aging. Chia seed paste makes for a great moisturizer because of its impressive nutrient profile. Natural and pure edible oils all do a great job of locking in moisture in the skin to prevent dryness and irritation.

The Exfoliants

Roughage in mashed boiled beans or pumpkin can exfoliate the skin gently without the risk of scratching. Natural salt is also good for this application. Just make sure that it's moist enough and that you’re using finely ground salt types. Sugar works just as well. Berries and pineapples have compounds that promote safe and comfortable removal of dead, dried skin cells so the newer, better-looking skin underneath can take the stage. All of these are perfect whole body scrubs.

The Anti-agers

Red wine isn’t just for a lovely night at home. It’s an antioxidant and is therefore great for applying onto skin to prevent signs of aging. Cooked and mashed carrots have free radicals that delay symptoms of premature aging. Sprinkling a bit of cinnamon powder to whatever face mask you are using could promote collagen production hence improving skin elasticity.  Plain yogurt gives the skin a youthful glow due to the lactic acid content.

The Protectors and Healers

Any food that has high acidity like, citrus and apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial properties. These are great for people who are prone to infections through the skin surface. Lemon and lime are the best options if making the choice among which citrus fruit to use. Extra virgin olive oil isn’t just a marvelous moisturizer. Just make sure not to leave them on for too long. A couple of minutes would do. It can also protect skin from damaging ultraviolet radiation from sun exposure and also soothe sunburns.  


So there they are. You may not always have your cake and eat it, too. But you can have a delicious and healthy snack and slather it on your face, too, for better-looking skin. Awful comparatives and metaphors aside, these topical treatments are best for mild concerns. For advanced cases, like really bad acne, it’s always best to consult a specialist.

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