Fridge-Free Snacks to Stockpile while Staying in Shelter

June 09, 2020

Fridge-Free Snacks to Stockpile while Staying in Shelter

Most of us are pretty much stuck at home these days. And if you are particularly cautious, you probably exclusively go out to get essential goods. This includes some careful planning and an eye for detail.

A key to smart shopping while limiting time spent outside is getting absolutely everything you’d need between one shopping run until the next. Generally, one would get just enough day-to-day food for meals, medication, other supplies, and most importantly, snackage.

Your fridge might be filled to the brim with perishables like meats and produce, depending on the household. It leaves little room in there for snacks, so it’s best to get the kinds that don’t require fussy storage. And while you’re at it, why not get snacks that are good for you?

We’ve listed a few healthy fridge-free snacks suggestions to munch on as you wait out the current situation.

Nuts are incredibly healthy snacks. They are high in ‘good fat’ and they taste amazing! Nuts normally come in re-sealable air-tight containers, like cans, plastic tubs, or foil pouches. Try to get dry roasted kinds as extra oil shortens shelf life. Not that they’d last long, so stock up! 

Dried Fruits and Vegetable Chips
If you haven’t given in to the wonders of raisins and craisins—dried cranberries—then you need to change that immediately. They’re not called ‘nature’s candy’ without a reason. Dried fruits are tasty and healthy. The innate sweetness is so much better than added sugar. Plus, they last for a good while without refrigeration.

Dried vegetable chips, like carrots and mushrooms, might not give the same crunch that fried potato chips do but they just as good enjoyed as between meals snacks. Some people even say they’re better. The low moisture content makes these dried, healthier alternatives last longer than, say, fresh carrot sticks etc.

Dried Seeds
Dried seeds are very much like nuts only a bit more exotic, depending on who you ask. We highly recommend getting the skin or peel-on varieties. While dried seeds are healthier snacks compared to other usual choices, it’s easy to go over the line since they taste so good. Peeling each individual seed creates a sort of barrier from overeating. The process gives an illusion of volume through time and effort, so you feel as though you’ve had a lot when, really, you’re still in the black. Dried seeds store easily out the fridge for a long time. 

Most of the world has gone crazy for Japanese and Korean culture, and this undeniably includes food. Both cuisines often make use of dried seaweed, otherwise known as nori wrappers or laver sheets. Seaweed sheets aren’t solely used for rolled sushi or as a side for entrees. They are actually good on their own!

Seaweed is very good for the body. It has a high concentration of a micronutrient called iodine, which is good for hormone production. As it happens, the body can’t produce iodine, so it needs to be supplied via food, and seaweed is one of the tastiest ways to go about it.

Nori is dried and comes in packs of sheets so that makes them a long-lasting snack. More often than not, they come with a packet of silica gel that absorbs moisture, increasing the products longevity outside of refrigeration. You can find plain nori sheets, but there are seasoned kinds and some are even spiced!

Normally, fresh is better but these are trying times. Many of us currently don’t have the luxury of going out on a near daily basis to procure fresh snacks. The snack options we listed are but a few of what you can get on your rare trips outside the house without stressing about prolonged storage and healthiness. You can play your part through physical distancing and still get a good, healthy snacking life going on.

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