From Skeptic to a Slim Thick Momma

March 05, 2018

From Skeptic to a Slim Thick Momma



Crysta shares how skeptical she is about detox teas ads until she tried ThinTea for herself and saw MAJOR results!


Spilling the Beans

You know you’re losing a lot of weight when people start to ask about your secret.

"A lot of you guys saw on my blogging video and you guys asked me how did I get so small, I look amazing—I have been using ThinTea Fat Burn Blend and the Detox blend- the 28 Day one. I’m telling you this from my own experience. I am not in any way affiliated with this company."


Baby Weight

A lot of you ladies have been, there. Sometimes life happens and before you know it, you need help in getting back to shape.

"Just being an overall stay at home mom, I really gained a lot of weight, I got to about 160 lbs. And this lasted ‘til my son was about 7 months old."


The Skeptic

"So at first I was really skeptical about it because I see other people doing the other tea diets and I really just didn’t believe it—you see lots of celebrity and big make up guru endorsing different companies and I’m like oh they’re just doing that just to get the check."


The Results

But honestly this tea worked miracles for me. I lost so much weight that my coworkers were asking, “Are you on drugs?” Seriously! And I’m like “No, I’ve been using this tea!” And let me tell you the crazy part about it—I wasn’t even using the night tea. I was using the day tea only. And then I started using them TOGETHER and oh sh*t, girl, your girl started to get nice and slim thick around here baby! I lost so much weight on this tea I would like to say I lost like 20 pounds my first three weeks on this tea, I haven’t even made it to the 28th days.

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