Full 28 Day Review by Penny

August 02, 2019

Full 28 Day Review by Penny


I wanted to be completely done so I can give you guys a full review.

Penny tells us all about what she thinks of both the Detox and Fat Burn blends and how it helped her.

Dreamy Detox

It cleanses and it detoxifies your body and reduces your bloating. You’re supposed to take this with breakfast. Most of the time I take it on the go and drink in while I drive to work.

Basically, what it’s saying that it does, I really really agree with it. After taking this product, I feel that I am not as bloated… actually, I’m not even bloated. Like if I’m taking it everyday like you’re supposed to, I don’t feel bloated at all.

It helps you go,  it helps you regulate your digestive system, which some of us are not that lucky and not all of us have normal digestive systems. When I’ take this, it helps me go naturally, normally, it doesn’t give me any pain, it’s completely natural like what the product says it is.

Fat Burn Facts

This one promises to speed up your metabolism, suppress your appetite and burn fat. It definitely helps reduce my appetite, not that it makes me not want to eat anything. It just takes away my cravings. I’ve been getting healthier in the right places. And it burns fat. I do believe it. My stomach area is a lot tighter and I lost an inch since I started using them.

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