Getting with the Program with Tasmia

Getting with the Program with Tasmia

October 19, 2018

Some people don’t like to go into a “program” especially if it’s for self-betterment. The word makes it sound so much like a chore. But semantics aside, it just means a temporary routine.

Tasmia tried ThinTea cleansing, which suggests a change in routine albeit just while taking the teas. Let’s hear how she found the experience.

The first thing that she addresses is the change in her morning rituals.

“I usually drink coffee with my breakfast. Coffee kind of IS my breakfast. Tea wasn’t that bad. I have a really hard time eating in the morning because I’m just not hungry. But this is pretty simple to ingest in the morning. And it didn’t taste like sh*t either, which was kind of nice as well.”

She continues by describing what the Detox blend does for her.

“With the morning one…usually when I wake up, I’m not bloated at all. Then whenever I eat, I get a little bit bloated. I found after drinking this, I had less bloating. Sounds a little weird but I had less bloating.”

Next Tasmia shares what she got from the Fat Burn blend.

“This one is the one you drink second. So you drink this just before you eat supper or dinner… This one actually burns fat. It suppresses your appetite as well, so that’s why you drink it just before supper. So you’ll eat less of your supper or dinner whenever you’re eating…in turn eating less calories… This one tastes good as well.”

Tasmia comes forward with how the tea cleanse has really affected her weight.

“So in the two weeks that I have been participating in the 14-day detox, I have lost five pounds. Five pounds is a substantial amount of weight especially when I’ve done nothing but gain weight in the last five years or so. I did help with the bloating and stuff like that.”

She has apparently benefited a lot from taking ThinTea. But how did she like going on a program?

“I like the detox because it put me in a regimen for the two weeks. So in the morning you have to have breakfast and you have to have the tea, which fills you up for the day, gets your metabolism going. And then later on you have it for supper. It suppresses your appetite a little bit and then you eat and you don’t eat as much. I like the regimen that you have to have to drink this tea.”

Tasmia has embraced the ThinTea plan because it’s not intrusive and sensible. It does not involve drastic changes that may or may not even yield results. If you want to get the same experience, then our online store is open 24/7. So you can get started on your ThinTea plan and live a healthier, bloat-free life!

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