Good Products and Good Service with Dretha

April 09, 2019

Good Products and Good Service with Dretha

For a lot of folks, a brand should not just put out effective products; it should also provide good added value like excellent customer service.

Dretha is one of those people who appreciate proper customer service just as much as product efficacy. She tried using ThinTea’s Detox and Fat Burn blends. Let’s listen up and find out if she gives the brand a thumbs up.

Dretha begins with general descriptions of the tea blends and moves on to what she liked about each of them, starting with the Detox.

“The thing I like the most about Thintea is it is all-natural…. Overall, I really did like this system. I really think it did help a lot with bloating. I bloat a lot so I definitely will continue to use this system, especially as spring is rolling in. I definitely want to be snatched, honey!”

Dretha continues describing her cleansing experience in detail and how she found it.

“And as far this tea actually cleansing and detoxing the system, it definitely did its job with detoxing, if you know what I mean. So I do like that fact that it did not contain any laxative or anything. So I didn’t have to keep going to the bathroom or things like that. TMI, I know. But it did do its job cleaning out my system. But I didn’t have any cramps.”

The Detox blend sure has made an impression on pretty Dretha. But what about the Fat Burn blend?

“This tea really did a good job at burning fat and giving me energy. I was able to go a little bit longer than I normally go as far as my exercise routine and far as working out. I did notice that I really wasn’t as hungry or ate much as I normally do.”

That’s the Fat Burn sorted and obviously appreciated. But what of the value beyond product performance?

“You know that customer service is everything to me. ThinTea was super sweet to me. They communicated very well. Any questions I have for them, they got right back with me immediately... I definitely recommend it to you guys to go out and try it.”

Dretha’s overall experience with ThinTea was a resounding success. Many people would definitely appreciate good customer service on top of product effectiveness. So if you want to experience the same, then head on to the store and grab yourself a bundle that would work for you. Have questions? The team would be more than happy to answer them for you!