Goodbye Pooch for Yummy Mummy Coco

April 25, 2019

Goodbye Pooch for Yummy Mummy Coco


Former NFL cheerleader, Coco had a hard time getting back to the healthy route after having two kids.

Skeptical at first, she was very happy to have tried ThinTea for three weeks and counting.


The Regrettable Laxative Experience

"I have used those teas that help you with slimming… more so like laxatives. I think they’re very harsh to your body. I remember the first time I tried using them I was like, oh my god, this is great, eat anything you want and you can flush everything out. But I just found them to be very harsh on the body.  I mean If you aren’t next to a bathroom and that stuff kicks in…ugh. It can be very very ugly.”


The Gentler Way With Thintea

"I didn’t really believe it but now that I have tried it [for three weeks] I can share to you my story with you. I can honestly say that I see a difference, my mid-section and just my body overall, even my skin. I didn’t think that I’d get an energy boost from them, but I did! The detox blend really helped with bloating and the fat burn blend helped suppress the appetite, you feel full faster. Don’t be afraid of the Fat Burn blend, though thinking that you’re not gonna eat at all."


Supports the Breastfeeding Journey

"I’m still nursing my baby and I did notice that the ingredients in here are very are similar to some of the teas I currently drink along with my lactation tea to help boost my milk so I knew it was safe."


The Proof is in the Pics

She closed by sharing her progress photos from day 1, 14, and 21, and you guys, you HAVE TO SEE THEM! She was so happy to lose the pooch without having to change much from her lifestyle.


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