Hangover ‘Cures’ that are No Good According to Experts

April 12, 2019

Hangover ‘Cures’ that are No Good According to Experts

They say that when you drink alcohol, you’re just borrowing happiness from the next day. That becomes truer once the hangover sets in. A hangover can get bad, really bad. That’s why just ask anyone who drinks alcoholic beverages, and they’d more likely have their own preferred method of preventing or curing the dreaded ‘H’ word.

But according to science, there’s very little we can do to prevent the next-day woes of a particularly intoxicating evening despite how animated your friend gets whilst explaining his hangover solution.

Here are some of the often heard and tried hangover prevention and cures that aren’t any good at all in reality.


Lining the Stomach with Liquids

Milk is the oft go-to when it comes to pre-drinks drink for warding off a hangover. The idea having anything before drinking would slow down alcohol absorption. People may have gravitated toward milk because of its fat content (more on that later). However, and this is true for any fluids, milk would leave the stomach as quickly as the water from alcoholic drinks. It would not be able to create the fabled buffer.

The better option is to eat solid food as these would create a much more robust traffic within the stomach so alcohol is not absorbed as fast as with an empty tummy. Carb heavy food would be a good idea as they continue to absorb fluids even inside the stomach. But this tip is just so one does not get drunk quickly—great for a long night of indulgence. But the hangover the next day would still be as bad depending on how much alcohol was taken in.


Eating Fatty Food After or While Drinking 

Alcohol is best enjoyed by many with a nice siding of snacks. And who here hasn’t gone for a taco or three after drinking. Other than a palate cleanser, fatty foods are rumored to slow down absorption better than any other food category. Again, in connection to the above entry, it’s not better by any measure to other foods. In fact, fat can even be bad for us because it’s harsh for the stomach, which is already struggling due to the presence of alcohol, which is literal poison. You can also add the horrible feeling of bloat to the aches and pains from the hangover the next day if you opt to go down this road.

And by the way, those fast food runs after a night of drinking contribute greatly to those mysterious weight gain episodes, especially when we’ve had a bit too much to drink that we’ve forgotten that we ate a pound of nachos right after. Just have some fruit to counter the loss of electrolytes.


Sweating It Out the Next Day 

Many people claim to feel better after when they’ve “sweated out” the alcohol via exercise or a few minutes in the sauna. The truth is the percentage of the alcohol we’d consumed that gets expelled through sweat is so small that it almost has no effect. It’s a placebo. We think that since alcohol is a liquid, it should work like any other liquid and could be excreted through sweat. Alcohol is actually absorbed in the stomach. Whatever post-drinking method we employ to get rid of it is pretty much in vain. It’s already making its rounds in the bloodstream.

What we’re actually doing is making things worse for our already dehydrated body by forcing water out through the skin. We just have to wait it out and drink lots of water while doing so.



This is a really bad cliché. Drinking coffee would not in a million years lessen the symptoms of a hangover. The perception is caffeine would “wake” us up and bring us back up to speed. This effect is but a mask, of course. The alcohol is still in our system and once the caffeine wears off, the effects of the hangover would come back strong as before. Like with forced sweating, this can also be detrimental to the body. Caffeine makes us sweat and pee more so we lose water and electrolytes that are already in short supply.

Popping Multivitamins

This one works under the assumption that certain vitamins and minerals are lost when we drink, thus worsening the effects of a hangover. While there’s some truth to this, it once again falls under the category of “it’s too late.”  A hangover is a combination of a lot of things from dehydration to exposure to the toxins of whatever lovely drink we were having. It’s not just the loss of certain nutrients. The best thing to focus on is replenishing electrolytes like drinking tons of sports drinks in the morning. But this would hardly lessen the effects. It’s still good for recovery of the body from all that poison but it won’t make the headache go away. Also taking high doses of vitamins after drinking would be hard on the liver and kidneys that are already overworked from processing and filtering whatever alcoholic drink we’ve consumed.


Hair of the Dog

An age old remedy that doesn’t work and is actually bad for you. The idea is to thwart hangover by having another drink the next day when the symptoms are at their worst. One reason we get a hangover is the sudden drop of alcohol in our system. So getting a slight buzz the following day would sort of remedy that and bring the alcohol levels back up again. It’s quite obvious why this would not work. We’d just be moving the deadline. Once alcohol levels drop once again from that one drink, the hangover would gladly step right back in and it would be much worse. Do not do this.


So those were but some of the mythical hangover cures and how they aren’t any good. We’ve mentioned that alcoholic beverages have toxins that make hangover symptoms worse. So a good cleansing after drinking would do the body good. ThinTea’s cleansing system could be your best friend in the middle of it all. While it may not relieve us of headaches and general unpleasantness from drinking six pints of stout completely, we can take comfort in the fact those toxins are expelled. Because they can do more harm other than just make us cranky and irritable if not removed from the body quickly enough. You can get rid of bloating and lose a few pounds along the way as well, so it’s a win-win! The store offers bundles and other blends as well. So order now.