Herbal Helping Hand with Jen

January 23, 2018

Herbal Helping Hand with Jen


These days, anything tagged “herbal” has become synonymous with “healthy”, “wellness”, and “safe,” and for good reason. For the most part, natural is the better option. That’s where ThinTea prides itself. Not only are ThinTea’s ingredients all natural, they are carefully chosen to make sure they have no negative side effects, unlike laxative herbal teas.

We have Jen here give us an overview of what comprises of ThinTea’s detox and fat burn blends and how they are good for the body.

She also shares what the herbal cleanse blends have done for her, starting with the detox mix.

“This was my favourite. I felt really good after drinking this. It didn’t make me pee like crazy or anything like that. I really like this. I frequently get headaches in the morning. Like first thing in the morning, sometimes I just wake up with a headache. I noticed this helped prevent them or make them go away, which that in itself was awesome for me because I don’t like taking Tylenol or Advil. This was awesome for me.”

Jen also gives a short recap of her experience with the fat burn.

“Probably since I started want to say I lost about three pounds. And I haven’t exercised or anything.”

Finally, she lays down some pearls of truth, explaining how it takes two to tango if we want to get the best out of an herbal tea cleanse.

“These are really good things to help lose weight. They’re not magic. Definitely if you’re looking to try anything like this, these are really good and natural, organic things to try. Whenever you’re trying to lose weight, the healthiest route to go is by doing and using things that are actually good for you.”

The best way to go is still the safe route. Taking risky shortcuts tend to have a way of biting back eventually. What better way to skim off a few pounds and get rid of a few things that ail us than taking Thin Tea’s 14-day detox plan. Safe, natural, and just generally good for you!