Herbs and Spices You Should Be Getting More Of

July 30, 2018

Herbs and Spices You Should Be Getting More Of

Herbs and spices can make the difference in the culinary world. They have been used for millennia. Wars had been waged in the name of a few of them. However, compelling evidences are being unearthed by experts regarding how they can help the human body beyond the sensation of flavours.

Though not fully realised as means of curing diseases, scientists have proven that some spices have properties that could stablise and manage some chronic conditions. Here are a few that we’ve curated for you.



Of course, ginger would make the list. Ginger is excellent for alleviating nausea. It’s great for morning sickness, post-traumatic stress, motion sickness, etc. The twisted earthy rhizome is also good for inflammations therefore it is a good supplement for when someone is recovering from physical injury or even bone and muscle issues experienced by the elderly.



Turmeric is like the flashier cousin of the ginger. It’s so intensely pigmented yellow, that it’s mostly used to add colour to food or even dyes for textile. Like it’s more popular kin, turmeric also has good anti-swelling properties. It is also consumed to relieve cold symptoms and other respiratory issues. It is currently under the microscope for it’s potential to inhibit tumors and fight off carcinogens. It might help cure cancer in the future.



This herb is quite popular but is quite polarizing as a culinary ingredient. If you don’t like tasting it, maybe just take a sniff because its scent is known to improve memory and alertness. In the kitchen, it’s usually added in with a marinade and for good reason. The fragrant herb has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. So it doesn’t only make food taste better, it can also make them last longer particularly meats.



Cinnamon is one of those really versatile spices. It is good for desserts or savoury dishes. Another thing it’s good for is lowering post-meal blood sugar. This is good news for people with type 2 diabetes or just those who want to keep their blood sugar level in check.


Chili Pepper

Heat is what chili peppers are more known to add to food. But its role in one’s well being is slightly more varied. The heat-causing compound is capsaicin and it can increase metabolic rate resulting in faster calorie burn. It may also trigger chemical compounds in the body that suppress appetite. Capsaicin is also known to kill off ulcer-causing toxins and bacteria and lower bad cholesterol.



Sage is like that kid that ate paste in the corner of the room of spice world. Its flavour profile is described as a combination of thyme, oregano, and rosemary only really, really watered down. What it lacks in credibility as a spice, it offsets by having properties that improve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. That’s a pretty fair trade if we’ve ever seen one.  Sage tea is also great for relieving sore throat pains. So drink up.



It is one of the most expensive spices known to man. It’s up there with vanilla. Saffron threads are derived from a certain kind of flower and are hand-picked. Each flower yields just three threads. The intense labour required, low yield, and unique flavour make it a very costly produce. Apart from adding a very distinct taste to food, it’s also a known mood-lifter, making the pricey filaments a good supplement for treating depression. It can also moderate the psychological symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Start saving up, ladies!


So add a few more pinches of ground spice. Be a generous sprinkler because these herbs and spices can do you a lot of good while staying safe and organic.

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