How Alexandra Lost Her Post-Baby Weight

October 09, 2020

How Alexandra Lost Her Post-Baby Weight

Childbirth is great! It’s fulfilling and grants any parent joy that is incomparable to anything.

However, practically speaking, there are, of course, things about giving birth that aren’t exactly ‘living your best life’ material. One of those things is the weight a mother gains in the process. Some people don’t mind them, and some people do. Some people have a breezy time shedding the weight off, but others aren’t so lucky.

New mom Alexandra wasn’t all that thrilled with what she calls her ‘mum’s stomach’. And she wanted to go back to her weight and figure she had before having her baby.

Alexandra turned to ThinTea to address her concern. Let’s hear how things worked out.

I’ve been doing this for 14 days. I’ve actually got a picture from my 10-day result. Because within ten 10 days, I lost 4 kilos. That’s right. 4 kilos! I went down a dress size in just 10 days. That is amazing.”

The ThinTea Detox Plan Alexandra was on was good for 14 days, as she mentioned. And results usually become apparent after two weeks. However, she got dramatic results way before she finished her teas.

The 14 days waiting for expected results is merely an estimate. Since everyone’s body varies, others may experience the positive changes earlier than two weeks.

Alexandra moves on to her post-baby weight concerns.

“I was having so much trouble, after having a baby, just losing the extra weight and wanting to get down to one dress size smaller, because I just felt very big. I didn’t like my mum stomach, and you mums out there would understand.”

As we said earlier, some moms don’t have it as good as others when it comes to losing weight gained during child-bearing. Alexandra wanted and needed the help and found it in ThinTea. She continues with the other things she liked about the teas, particularly in relation to being a new mom.

“I was looking for ingredients that were very, very natural and something that’s okay with breastfeeding, and I actually came across this.

I would wake up in the middle of the night so hungry! I would get up and I would snack on something. And I just wanted sweet stuff. And within day 3 of taking this, I noticed I wasn’t craving as much sugar. And it really, really felt amazing.”

Huge congratulations to Alexandra for her entrance to parenthood and finally getting back on track toward healthier weight goals.

ThinTea isn’t just for losing baby weight. It’s for everyone who wants to lose a few kilos safely. And there are lots more to gain like eliminating bloat, general detox, and more! Check out the store and start your ThinTea journey today!