How Tatiana Kicks Things Off

October 02, 2018

How Tatiana Kicks Things Off


Cleansing teas don’t get the love that they deserve because some companies take the short route by adding laxatives to their blends. It feigns weight-loss by dehydration. So it’s really just water weight that the body gains back the moment any liquid is taken in.

What cleansing teas should do is remove toxins so the body can perform at optimum levels. Food is better digested and the energy from them is used up efficiently and quickly.

Tatiana realizes that cleansing teas are also good for getting things started, specifically with weight-loss. She tried ThinTeas Detox and Fat Burn blends for two weeks. Let’s hear her story.


“If there’s anybody out there like me who needed a good kick start, we found it… The reason I like this tea though is because it’s all-natural and it’s vegan-friendly. Who would turn that down? Aside from that, the thing that I really enjoy about this tea is it’s not a laxative tea. So you can definitely drink this before you go into work and not be running to the bathroom.”


She seems to have taken to the teas really well. She proceeds to describe how ThinTea differs from other detox and cleansing teas out there.


“I do see that as a common thing with a lot of these detox teasinstead of just actually detoxing the body and cleansing you with speeding up your metabolism and giving you a kick boost of energy, they’re just kind of giving you a temporary off bloatedness by making you go to the bathroom. But I think this is a good tea if you want long lasting results… not only your body, the way you look but also your mindset and the level of energy that you have throughout the day.”


Our girl is clearly woke when it comes to what detox tea companies are up to. And she clearly gets that ThinTea is different is about real cleansing and energy boost without laxatives.


Tatiana wraps things up by sharing her actual weight-loss results and shows us a comparison of her body’s profile before and after taking ThinTea.


“So overall, over this 14-day period, I have lost 5.2 lbs. This is my stomach right now. I’m not sucking it in… In comparison to the picture, this is a huge difference.  I’m happy but I still have some work to do especially because this is my birthday month. So I’m just happy that I kick started the results so that when I get to my birthday, I’ll be living my best life!”


Tatiana is a great example of someone who knows what’s good and what’s bad for her. She’s also a really good model of people who recognize that weight-loss and detox from cleansing teas are great jump off points. The effects from cleansing teas like ThinTea should get the ball rolling and the user must take part in the effort as well. ThinTea serves not only to detoxify but also to inspire and be that spark that a lot of people need.


Our store has a lot of bundles to offer. So get your ThinTea blends now and experience the change for yourself.