How to Be Bloat-Free without Laxatives OR Starving Yourself

August 06, 2018

How to Be Bloat-Free without Laxatives OR Starving Yourself

By and large, it’s women who get pestered with and are more conscious of bloating. Often it’s mistaken for excess weight when it’s just normally just gas and liquid buildup. One of the causes of bloating is too much toxins in the body and sometimes a really good and safe dose of detoxification would do.

We asked the beautiful Yari to give ThinTea Detox and Fat Burn tea blends a try as she had “a little bit of belly going on.” Let’s listen how a 14-day tea detox fared.

Yari begins with what she hoped to achieve with the detox plan.

“I do need to kind of detoxify my body. Cleanse it out… Because sometimes we eat things we shouldn’t be eating. So I did want to detoxify my body.”

Her experience with the Detox blend turned out to be incredibly fruitful with emphasis on her bloating issues.

“It did give me a boost of energy. And I do find that I was less bloated, which I liked… And I had a little bit of a belly going on. And after using this tea on an on-going basis, I do feel like it really did help.”

Miss Yari also adds how the results helped her in a legitimately practical way.

“Actually, I did the tea every single day for two weeks. And it was amazing, because I had a wedding to go to. And I didn’t want that pouch. I didn’t have to wear a girdle! I was so excited!”

Her skin also evidently benefited from the detox plan.

“And I feel like this has helped with my skincare also, because I was getting little dots on my skin. And that has kind of cleared up. And my skin is a little more luminous. So I attribute those changes to this tea.”

She rounds up her impression on the Detox tea.

“The 14-day Detox blend is supposed to alkalize, cleanse, and detoxify and reduce bloating. And I totally felt like it did all of that. So thumbs up on all the ingredients because they work.”

Yari was not so keen on the Fat Burn blend though.

“…The tea that I was not looking forward to using the most because I don’t feel like I need to lose any fat. But it’s so funny because this flavour, it’s so good.”

But she still shares what she liked about the evening tea blend.

“I did notice that I wasn’t as hungry. So I wasn’t snacking in between as I usually did. Also I felt like I had a little more energy.”

Eagle-eyed Yari also took note of the suggested meal plan to use while on the tea detox. And she’s not one to leave out her opinions on it.

“They did include a meal plan that you’re supposed to follow. I checked out that diet plan and everything looks so good… You can definitely do these teas for the 14 days and enjoy food, which I found it to be crazy.”

Bloating isn’t but one of a number of symptoms of excess toxins in our body. As Yari mentioned, it also affects skin and general well-being like energy levels. Oral detoxification is a very practical and easy way to alleviate the telltale signs of toxin buildup.

Tea detox is one popular way to eliminate what are, in effect, poison from our insided. Buthey’re not all a hundred percent safe. With that, ThinTea has you covered. You can take your pick to a host of bundles available at our shop. Get what you think is the right kit for youand perhaps you can be like Yari and you’d be tossing that girdle in the bin!