How to Deal with Weight Loss Plateau

July 16, 2019

How to Deal with Weight Loss Plateau

Has the weighing scale stopped moving the past few weeks despite all the hustle you do in the gym and the calorie counting you’ve been religiously doing?

Before you go double time on the treadmill, read on to learn different ways to deal with this plateau.

  1. Chill a bit on the workouts.
    If you’re getting exhausted, that could be a sign that you’ve been working out too intensely. While you may get some short-term benefits, this may be difficult to maintain, leading to will weight stall or even regain.

    Studies show that more exercise does not equate to more calories burned. Two and a half hours (or 150 minutes) per week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, plus strength training at least two times a week is a good amount of physical activity.

  2. Chill on the carbs switch some to protein.
    When we lose weight, our brain compensates by making us hungry, which causes us to eat or store more. To overcome this, add more protein to your daily diet, which can help fill you up faster and help you feel fuller, longer.

  3. Chill. Period.
    When you’ve tried everything and nothing is tipping the scale and instead everything is tipping your patience over the edge, perhaps it is time to de-stress. Stress triggers a hormone in our body that signals the body to panic-pack fat and calories because of the sensed threat. Find ways to relax, unwind, and lessen the pressure to lose all the weight too quickly.

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