How to Detoxify Your Emotions

December 13, 2021

How to Detoxify Your Emotions

Toxicity is complex and its reach is vast. We have evolved enough to recognize that it spills over the realm of the physical and onto intangible aspects of living. We can be poisoned emotionally, too.

Like a tumor, emotional toxins grow and eventually trigger reactions that would adversely affect our way of living. Before we know it, we may become short-tempered, depressed, emotional, or easily stressed. Like toxins in the body, we must rid ourselves of these less palpable poisons that cause mental and emotional stress. Here are a few tips on how to emotional detox.


Take a break from social media.

This is the age of over-sharing. We get to know a little bit too much of our friends and how they see the world—their relationship issues, political stance, etc. Sometimes even just seeing their every meal can wear us down; familiarity breeds contempt, as they say. Also, following social media influencers for ‘inspiration’ may actually do the opposite and can affect us in a way that we tend to have unrealistic expectation of ourselves. News and entertainment posts can also add to the clutter in our minds. Taking breaks- from hours to even days can greatly diminish the unnecessary emotional weight that we tend to carry from seeing and digesting all the information social media bring.

Avoid toxic people. Stick around positive energies.

We all have those friends and acquaintances—people who cause more stress than social relief. Although they usually do not directly cause us any harm, we suffer the long-term damage of being around people who dwell on negativity, complaining, and hate. It is, of course, easier said than done, but who we spend most time with is a daily decision we have to make. It sounds selfish but we have one life to live, and this is one of the few things that we have control over. Limit interaction with toxic people and build stronger relationships with people who bring out the best in you.

Alone time.

This is a cliché, yes. But let’s get to the more realistic ways on flushing out toxins by spending time with your thoughts, hearing what you really have to say about matters without getting debated against. We’re not talking about taking a month to stroll through Europe by ourselves- these take months to prepare for. Micro-vacations would do. See a movie by yourself. Eat out alone. Have a few drinks out with no one. Meditate before everyone else wakes up. These are small pockets of time that you could dedicate to yourself. No pressure on having to keep another person entertained. Speak to yourself. Relive happy moments. Reflect on bad ones. Or just be still. 

Out with the old.

Expelling negative emotions, often tied to bad memories, could also be achieved by forcing them out. We can do it by creating new, happier memories. It’s a sort of archiving system. We’ve pondered upon the bad times, suffered through their consequences, now we say farewell and let go. We now replace them with new ones-- new experiences like taking up a hobby we actually like or meeting new people. Taking up charitable activities is a very good example. We get to give back and, on a personal level, we feel better, thus replacing awful memories that bring about negative emotions.

And a good body cleanse would tie up loose ends. It is difficult to feel better about yourself when your body is feeling sluggish or even in pain. Get the most from being emotionally detoxified by getting rid of nasty stuff that could otherwise take away from the victory with Thin Tea’s detox blends.