How to Stick to a New Diet

October 24, 2018

How to Stick to a New Diet

Endeavors like going into a new diet seem drastically life-changing. That’s because they are, depending on what kind of diet we dive into and the reasons behind them.

Deciding to take on a new eating plan for self-betterment can be considered as the easiest step. Sticking to it is an entirely different animal. Motivation becomes scarce and reasons not to continue become incredibly abundant as cabs when we don’t need them.

We’ve listed down a few sensible tips to help those of us who have the habit of bailing out of healthy eating plans.


Know Your Resources

Some diets can be expensive and, if we decide to go down the DIY route, can be time consuming. It’s best to acknowledge if we the diet is sustainable. Can we afford it? Do we have the necessary kitchen skills? Are they enough not to drive us crazy when recipes go wrong the first few attempts? One practical reason to drop a diet plan is cost—monetary, effort, and time. It would do us a lot of good to be realistic and sensible.


Mix and Match​

There’s not one proven diet where an individual can be fully comfortable. We should allow ourselves to shop around and pick out the personally attractive parts from several diets and put them together for a personalized experience. We are the captains of our own body. We’re not facsimiles of each other. One diet can work for another person and can have no effect or even detrimental for another. The negative effects may just push us over the edge and just give up completely. We must not be afraid to test the waters and move on if they don’t fit us. We don’t have a contract to stick to one diet.


Seek Professional Help​

Now this might seem clichéd. It is because it is actually important. This tip has a lot to do with the previous one. Each body has different needs. We might get harmful micro-nutrient deficiencies from a certain diet. It’s best to get checked up first to see if we have particular needs that have to be fulfilled by the diet. Again, this lessens the chances of negative after-effects and the decrease in motivation.


Be Reminded

It’s advisable to always remember the reasons and intentions behind us going in head first on a diet. We can pin a mental note or make an actual motivation list or inspiration wall. The reminder could help us glue ourselves to the changes. It sounds very basic. However, forgetting our goals could easily lead us to ask ourselves, “Why am I even doing this?”, and then just flaking out in frustration because we’ve gotten side-tracked and lost our way. We must remember how important this arguably large step is to us.


Share It​

We are not trying to be shady or anything, but this is the age of information overload and over-sharing. In this case, it can be put to good use. We can let people know that we intend to go on a diet for whatever personal reasons we have. This puts accountability into the equation. We have publicly committed ourselves to the diet effectively pressuring us to display results. We don’t have to make a dramatic announcement over social media. We can tell a few close friends personally and go from just there. Self-imposition that there is some degree of peer pressure may not be the most positive of motivators, but the probability of it yielding results is definitely worth it.


Take Our Own Advice 

The funny thing about all these is we already know them. We already know what’s right for us by and large. We normally just go out to read articles such as this one to reinforce what we already know. This again brings us to accountability. We may fear taking our own advice because if it doesn’t work, then it’s our fault. We won’t grow as an individual if we’re always depending on scapegoats when things go south.  It’s more rewarding to acknowledge personal failures. It says a lot about our character. How we move forward from those failures have more weight than anything especially if we own up to our missteps.


Taking on a new diet can be difficult but it’s not without options of help from the outside. A good way to supplement a diet that we are comfortable enough with is through cleansing. It offers great, sensible assistance that help us move forward by ridding the body of toxins that may be hindering the results we want or need.

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