How Whitney Conquered Bloating

September 25, 2018

How Whitney Conquered Bloating


When it comes to bloating, a good cleansing is the safest and easiest fix. Our gut is home to a lot of fauna. We try to keep the bad ones out but it can’t be helped that a few of them manage to slip through the cracks.

We have Whitney here who is one of those people who just get the bloats all the time from pretty much anything she takes in. Whitney was in need of a good cleansing. She shares her cleansing experience via ThinTea and how she reduced her bloating through it.

Let’s hear her out!

She commends the teas for sorting her bloating out.

“I struggle with bloating. Anything I touch, each, look at, I just bloat like a balloon. So that was amazing.”

Whitney recommends the blends to tea lovers and describes how they would help.

“If you’re a big tea person, and you want to detox your body and things like that then this is the perfect tea for you. Because I have lost, in that one week, I have lost I think three and a half pounds, which is awesome. And it definitely did help reduce bloating.”

Weight loss goals right there.

She further recommends what she thinks is a good cleansing habit.

“It definitely works. And I definitely do recommend it, like I said, if you are a tea person. This is perfect to do maybe once a month if you really want to clean out your body.”

Whitney then lists down a few more things about ThinTea that she likes. She also mentions that she has photographic proof of the improvement she got.

“This tea is all-natural and laxative-free. So you won’t have the poops!  I think I have pictures to show you guys of how much bloating it really did decrease from me. Because, just like I said, bloating is just my issue. And I did lose three pounds in a week. So yeah, I definitely recommend this tea.”

Bloating can be a real struggle. Apart from the negative effects on out aesthetics, it could really hinder day to day living through general discomfort.  A good tea cleanse is a great way to get rid of bloat. ThinTea just has that to offer and out Detox and Fat Burn blends could also help shed a few pounds, too, just like with Whitney. So give our store a visit to see more testimonials. And grab a pack on your way out why don’t you?