Laxative-free Cleansing with Stephanie

December 07, 2018

Laxative-free Cleansing with Stephanie


It’s easy to fall for quick-fixes for an assortment of reasons. Products that give unreasonably dramatic change often come with heavy prices. With cleansing teas, it’s usually at the cost of overall health with long-term use.

Stephanie is rightfully vigilant when it comes to detoxifying tea plans. Today, we hear her reasons behind her skepticisms. She will also share her experience with a tea cleanse brand that she’s comfortable using.

“What I notice about a lot of the more popular skinny teas is they tend to have laxatives. So obviously it’s a quick fix. Those teas are actually not good for you at all, which is why I’m really hesitant to try skinny teas.”

Her reasons are absolutely valid as laxatives do nothing more than dehydrate the body, creating the illusion of weight loss and cleansing.

Stephanie continues by explaining the main reason why she was open to trying ThinTea’s detox tea blends.

“The only reason why I even considered trying out these teas—these teas are laxative-free. I don’t want to be at work needing to use the restroom every ten or fifteen minutes, which I’ve heard has happened to those people who have drank those types of teas. This one is laxative free so this one, for sure, will not let you use the restroom.”

She describes the other perks that come with taking ThinTea.

It also has a lot of benefits to it as well. It does cleanse and detoxifies your tummy. It suppresses your appetite. It’s supposed to give you energy boost, regulate your blood sugar, all that good stuff.”

Stephanie shares her favourite effect of the cleansing plan.

“What I really loved about this tea the most and what I would honestly keep using it for is bloating. I bloat so much. It’s bad, especially when it’s that time of the month. I really look like I’m five months pregnant. This tea helped me immensely when it came to my bloating. I definitely same a difference when it came to that.”

The laxative-free de-bloating factor of ThinTea sure has made a huge positive impression on Stephanie. Let’s hear what else she likes about the blends and if she’s willing to vouch for them.

“I also definitely saw a difference when it came to my energy. I didn’t feel very lazy nor did I feel sluggish. I noticed a difference when it came to my appetite. It felt like I wasn’t craving things as much as I did before.

I definitely recommend it if you want something healthy to consume, something that would give you energy, something that’s going to boost your metabolism, something that’s going to just pretty much get rid of bloating. I would definitely recommend this tea.”

Our girl Stephanie has clearly expressed how positive her experience with the ThinTea Detox and Fat Burn blends has been despite her reservation toward cleansing and weight loss teas. ThinTea gives equal attention to results and safety. There aren’t detrimental additives involved in the formulation. So you can expect great results without the catch.

Get your blends now! Start a new chapter of improved health with ThinTea. The store has various blends for different requirements as well, if detox and weight loss aren’t your concern.