Leah Loses Weight but Gains an Improved Digestive System with ThinTea

July 03, 2022

Leah Loses Weight but Gains an Improved Digestive System with ThinTea



Let’s admit it, one of the most difficult challenges in life is going on a detox or trying to lose weight during a festive season, but beauty guru, Leah not only succeeded but also finally got off her prescribed medication for chronic constipation without needing laxatives.

Listen to what she has to say about her ThinTea experience.


Quick results and Value for your Money

"I tried these for two weeks, through the holidays—through Thanksgiving I should say. And I still have some left, I feel like I can still go one week at least. And I will say that when I started it and where I am now, on the scale, I am down 6 lbs."


Relaxing Vibe

"The taste of both of these (Detox and Fat Burn blends) it’s not offensive, it’s not bod, it tastes—dare I say—relaxing?"


Safe Solution to Chronic Constipation

"I suffer from chronic constipation. That only thing that ever helped was prescription medicine that I was on for years and then my insurance said hey we don’t cover this anymore. This stuff put me on a normal schedule of things… It definitely did not make me like run to the bathroom or anything like that but it made me able to actually have consistent bathroom breaks! That is a huge plus if you are someone like me and know how bad it sucks to deal with something like chronic constipation. It’s horrible!"


The Final Verdict


"I like this tea I did feel like my appetite was suppressed. I did feel like I was not getting bloated at all from drinking this tea. I definitely feel that it has cleansed and detoxified me but in a very gentle, normal, natural kind of way and for that I give it FOUR thumbs up and I only have two!"


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