Maintaining a Healthy Weight While Enjoying Food You Like

August 31, 2020

Maintaining a Healthy Weight While Enjoying Food You Like

Being at a healthy weight has its advantages. In fact, it has all of the advantages. Your body operates more efficiently, and you just feel better. Reaching and maintaining your appropriate weight is decidedly challenging for many people.

One of the hurdles of proper weight maintenance is the feeling of deprivation. A big step toward said objective is altering one’s diet. And, to the terror screams of anyone that still has the ability to taste, that almost certainly means letting go of delicious, high-calorie goodies that you’ve been oh so used to for a long time.

However, you don’t have to go cold turkey on pizza and deep-fried battered Oreos. You can keep a tight body and a healthy weight while still enjoying the finer things the culinary world has to offer. Here are a few tips.


Make Healthy Food More Visible

Snacking is oftentimes an impulsive action. You may be one of tons of people that have a snacks corner on your kitchen counter. It’s just convenient. No one will throw stones at you for wanting quick access to crunchy, salty, and sweet yumyums for your tumtums.

To keep your caloric intake in check when snacking, diversify your treats portfolio. Make it about 50-50; buy half healthy ones and the rest for your guilty pleasures. Then, keep the healthier snack foods more visible. You can have a cheat cabinet or drawer where you stash the less healthy snacks somewhere you aren’t always passing by. Keep them out of sight for until you really need them. You’re more likely to grab the more healthful stuff on account of accessibility. If you’re the type who frequently rewards him or herself with a treat for mini victories, like taking five steps to open a window, then this system may work well for you!


Switch Dinnerware

Use smaller plates for more calorie-heavy food items like meats and sweets and larger plates or bowls for salads and whole grains. Likewise, drink from smaller glasses or cups when consuming soda or coffee and leave your mega tumblers for low-sugar fruits juices and, of course, good old H2O!

We know. It seems rather superficial and possibly even downright crude and silly. But this method works for a lot of people. It’s visual trickery. The smaller receptacle makes you think you’re still eating your usual amount or more of your heavy food, lessening the chances of getting seconds. Additionally, you eat more of healthier sidings because of the larger servings. You fill up on better food and are still satisfied with the portioning of the indulgent high-calorie stuff.


Flip Menus​

Dinner food for breakfast? Why not? You get your food reward early in the day, and you get to use all that hearty food energy for the rest of the day!

Non-breakfast food items are more substantial and stick with the body longer, curbing appetite as an effect. It may decrease mid-meal snacking and might even carry on through until your day is done. So, the odds of eating heavy foods before hitting the sack are lessened. Plus, it’s not just the feeling satisfied fullness for the rest of the day. It’s also the satisfaction that you’d already enjoyed a nice and all-around fulfilling meal as you soldier on into your daytime tasks. So, don’t feel bad for having a steak for breakfast.



‘Healthy’ doesn’t automatically mean low-calorie. Olive oil, a fat lauded for its health benefits, packs 120 calories per tablespoon. Now, imagine free-pouring olive oil over a salad or pasta. Often, you’d use more than needed to make the dish taste good. What you get is a high-calorie food that you think is healthy.

You have to measure tricky ingredients like ‘healthy fat’. Recipes are formulated to get the best possible outcome for a dish. You might discover that being precise with certain ingredients drastically improves the taste and quality of a dish. More is not better as far as most recipes are concerned. You might even save money when you stop eyeballing amounts.


You don’t have to make hair-pulling sacrifices to maintain a healthy weight. You just need the right tweaks and the willingness to change habits.

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