Maintaining Your Weight with ThinTea

May 21, 2020

Maintaining Your Weight with ThinTea

Sometimes, we don’t really need to lose weight, but we don’t want to gain any either!

Rizza tells us about a time in her life when she ended up stress-eating, which in normal situations, would usually cause her to gain weight… but she was surprised!


The Review

"When I started drinking these, I started eating a lot more, too."

"It just happened to be a time that I was stressed. I didn’t care actually but I thought I was gonna gain weight… BUT I still felt like the same."

"I didn’t feel heavy, I didn’t feel bloated… I didn’t feel like I gained weight."

"When I drink this the fat burn blend, which is the one you drink at night, I feel so relaxed, I felso calm.  I just feel good. Stress free!"

"You guys got to try these teas. I recommend them!"

"Note that we do not recommend unhealthy eating despite the fact that the teas can help you avoid gaining weight. But if you find yourself eating more than usual, we’re here to help!"

Grab the teas Rizza used here.