Melissa’s ThinTea Experience: 8 pounds in Two Weeks!

May 11, 2020

Melissa’s ThinTea Experience: 8 pounds in Two Weeks!

Sometimes people equate weight loss with health. But is this the same? 

Some weight loss techniques can do more bad than good though, like using laxatives and harsh chemicals or under nourishing the body.

Watch on to see how Melissa lost 8 pounds in two weeks using nothing but these natural and organic supplements.



Morning Blend

The ThinTea Detox. This is the 14 day detox blend.

So. This one is going to cleanse and detoxify, it’s also going to reduce bloating which I did notice. I did feel a lot better after I did drink this tea. Even though I did it for 14 days, you guys can see I still. Have quite a bit of product left.It smells like roses… it’s so so good.


Evening Blend 

The second bag is the 14 day fat burn blend. This one is supposed to help with your metabolism. It’s gonna speed up. It’s gonna suppress your appetite and it’s going to burn fat.

Usually I get hungry in the evening, with this one, I did not. I stayed pretty much full. And it smells like cinnamon, I love it.

The very first time I tried it, I was actually scared, I thought I will be in the restroom all day but luckily, I didn’t because these contain no laxatives. I did lose about 8 pounds within the a two week range, which is awesome.

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